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New England highway at night

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by rabsmarshall, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi..

    Im looking at heading down to Dubbo from Bne and as ive done the Newell highway a few times thought i would try the new england.

    has anyone done this trip at night? my major concerns are roos at night especially between 1am-5am.

    im looking at heading down in a couple of weeks time so just planning a route at the mo...

  2. Haven't done it at night, but during the day it's great. I'd argue that's it quicker than the pacific highway due to less traffic. You've already mentioned animals but you'd need to check the nsw rta website to confirm road conditions. With all the rain the new England can be subject to flooding in places. I remember a strong police presence between cunninghams gap and tenterfield and around Tamworth. This might have just been for the holidays. Have fun.
  3. A mate of mine and fellow Ulyssian did a farride recently with another bloke. He wrote about it:

  4. HI guys,

    thanks heaps for this info. it will be a great little trip down the centre of NSW. :) just hope the floods settle down abit. :(
  5. The other thing to watch out for are the B-doubles. I underestimated the amount of time it took to get from Brisbane to Tamworth and found myself on the Highway at 9pm. When I do it again, I will get out of bed a bit earlier to avoid going through here at night!
  6. I did it in january, on the way back from a longer trip (all the way round to adelaide, pottered around in SA for a week, then came back. 3 weeks total, 7500km on the odo)

    All told it was one of the least pleasant roads I went on the whole trip. Surface is awful. Like, 3rd world awful. It completely chewed through a rear tyre that under normal surface conditions I would have expected to go another 1500km. The surface is particularly worrisome at night, because it's harder to see and avoid the worst of the pot-holes. But I mean seriously, in the stretch between tamworth and the border there are large stretches where the whole ROAD is like one big pothole. It was the worst road I covered in four states worth of riding, and I'm including some gravel in that

    As sirotilc mentions it gets a lot of bdouble traffic, so stay alert.

    Roos (and other things... saw some wombats and things around too in places, and wombats are *big*) are particularly a worry at dusk, stay alert at dusk. Or even better, stop for dinner at dusk.

    Seriously though, if you want to enjoy the MOTORBIKING part of the trip, as opposed to actually getting there in a hurry, **** the new england highway. My recommended route is make a bee line for coffs harbour, take waterfall way west to armidale, take thunderbolts way south to singleton, the putty road south to the golden highway, then go west on the golden highway to dubbo.

    Waterfall way and thunderbolts way are both *great* roads, you'll have a blast. and both are spectacularly beautiful too. Take an extra day, enjoy the journey. Putty road's great too

    That's my 50c anyway. My biggest regret this trip was the amount of time I spent on highways. Wont do so again. Back roads are the way.

    EDIT - Here's a map to show you the route I mean
  7. Agree with this suggestion 100%.

  8. +10 to this, the last time I tooka truck up to Brisbane I made the mistake of taking the New England, it seeks shorter on the map but holy **** what a neglected stretch of road that is.

    In the daytime it might be ok, was shit in a truck but I had a nice cushy air sprung seat and 21 ton of truck to take up the hits, but on a bike at night some of those potholes could be showstoppers.

  9. I was traveling the new england December/january 201/2012 and i don't remember the road being that bad. That said, road conditions can change so i'm curious when you went?
    The Warrego highway west of Oakey and the Nimben to Murwillumbah stretch of road seem to fit the description of the new England as you have described. I'd put them as worse roads over the New England.
  10. Would have been fourth week of January. Took it from muswellbrook to warwick, took the cunningham home from there. Cant comment on the warrego highway, havent been on it in over a decade.

    Did 1100km that day, had a very sore backside by the time I got home :p
  11. Thats explains the difference in road reports. As i was making my way north, storms were lashing the Tamworth area. Must have washed parts of the road away. That might explain the gravel and potholes. Just another thing to be aware of when riding the New England.