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New EFI bike, can't ride for a while, how to keep it ok?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Well as most people know, I'm due for surgery soon. I have NO idea how long it will put me onto the sidelines for. The possibles are I'm back into it fairly soon to possible years (worse cast, blah blah). So anyway, what pointers should I do for the bike as my partner can turn it on for a bit as per needed, she just can't ride it. If I need it to be ridden after some time, that can be organised just need to see what I should be doing to keep the bike in nice condition :grin:

    Let's say if I am away for 1-2 weeks, 2+ weeks, months and (if years, probably will sell it :cry: And get something when I am able to but lets get to that only if it does happen)

    Should I get the bike to turned on, ran for a period every now and then or is it better to leave it completly off for whatever time period and if so, should anything be done to the bike itself, wheels on race stands? (I have front and rear), should petrol be drained or whatver or topped up after weeks/months of being in the tank etc?

    All help is appreciated ,I don't want the bike to deteriorate whilst I am not able to ride her so once I am able to get back on (weeks to months?????) I can be this straight away.