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New Eagle screen

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by slowandsteady, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Try this on for size!!!
    Rang eagle screens in Perth at 3pm yesterday (EST) gave my credit card no. over the phone and received my shiny new double bubble tinted screen for the Hyosung at 10am this morning!
    Awesome service
    Awesome Product
    Awesome turnaround
    Awesome Price

    Looks Great on and the best part is this..... Genuine Hyosung tinted screens are about 40% more expensive and after 3 months on back order are still unavailable in Melb.

    Happy camper

  2. :shock: WOWSERS, great service, well worth reporting :).
  3. Wow, what terrific service :shock: :) and from Perth you say? I think you did extremely well. :)

    :applause: to Eagle Screens.
  4. My 1st bike had an Eagle Screen

    Was happy with it too :)
  5. Guys, if I had a megaphone I'd be out on the street telling the world!
    Can't speak highly enough of the great turnaround and pricing. The screen fits like OEM and makes the bike look great!
    Will definately be recommending these guys to everyone
  6. Yes, they were very prompt with my custom GTR screen too.
    AND, the finish of everything, even the chanfered bolt holes, is exceptional.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. +1 on their service. They gave me a small discount for mentioning a Hyosung forum. The quality and finish is quite nice as well. :grin:

  8. I also have an Eagle screen, yet my story is a little different.

    At first I too felt I had received the same friendly, quick and proffesional service, until my double bubble tinted screen arrived. I eagerly took it out to the shed to fit it to my bike, then I noticed it looked massive compared to the original. So I took photos of the screen next to my original screen and emailed Eagle screens saying that I thought this would not fit. The email response I received, was basically of course it will fit, they are hand made, and are made to bend, etc. etc. basically telling me I was an idiot.

    Well, low and behold I bend and prod and do everything within my power to get this screen onto my bike while also putting a scratch with an allen key on my top fairing due to the amount of force I was using, and it looks crap. I then take further photos of the now sort of installed screen and email them to eagle. This time he replies by saying, sorry I have sent you the wrong screen!

    He sent a replacement which fits fine.
    If he would have not dismissed my first email it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration not to mention a large scratch on my bike that gives me the S#@ts everytime I look at it.

    I am glad your experience was different.

    I also have a friend that did not get the service he was after either, but that is a different story.
  9. I've bought 3 of their screens, and sold a few with my old job.

    I had one problem, holes didn't line up, but I rang them told them, sent it back, they sent me a new one. It was a custom jobbie so maybe something went wrong, but their service was awesome.
  10. and now the silly question.

    what do they provide over original screens..ie why replacethe original for an equal product..... of course an extended/touring screen is obvious though.


    do they do wind shiled type screens for nakeds?? SPADA is getting some additions soon :)
  11. Ive replaced the screens on both of my bikes and both where replaced with Double Bobble screens, I have also replaced the one on my current bike a few times now as they seem to be the 1st thing to break when its dropped (one broken by father trying to move bike and 2nd by me when I got off the bike when it was still moving at a rather fast pace)

    I know some people replace the screen with an aftermarket standard shape screen to have a tinted screen…so a change just for the looks IMO. I have to agree that the tinted screens look way better on some bikes and the Hyosung is one of them….
  12. I replaced my screen with a double bubble tinted for 2 reasons:
    One is to improve wind deflection which seems to hit me right in the noggin' and the second is to provide a bit more shade for the fluoro display. Under most conditions it's fine but direct sun over it with the clear shield can sometimes make it a bit difficult to see.
    Of course the aesthetic improvement is a bonus coz after all, it's all about looking cool......
  13. Drew, yes they do them for spada's.

    I put a higher screen on the z1000 to get extra wind protection as with a naked bike you need as much as you can get :)
  14. I'm not sure why anyone would keep their original screen... wind flick, dub bub etc screens are a simple customisation that make riding a bit more enjoyable from the wind perspective.

    I'm waiting on my dub bubs at the moment... an ebay purchase... hopefully they come in soon or else I would have been wishing I'd gone with Eagle, who have a reasonably solid rep in this game.

  16. I was thinking about putting one on my naked but a few people reckoned that it makes the steering heavy and hard to ride? Have you found that ?
  17. not true at all...

    I know a few people with nakeds who do it, never heard one of them say that :) And certainly didn't find it with mine.
  18. Well my dub screen came in from Ebay. The mob is called Pitek racing.

    It looked ok. Came packed nice and professional like and I was happily fitting the fairing screws to it... until a section snapped off in my hand! I was teasing the rubber grommit through... without much force mind you.

    The screen had a thickness of about 1.5mm (not very thick) and I noticed that some of the other screw holes had drilling chips/defects... so just waiting for the right loading to initiate a crack :(

    I've asked for a refund!

    I've also just had a nice chat with Eagle screens. I'll be getting a hand blown dub bub delivered by Tuesday next week... just in the knick of time for tassy!