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New Dunlop SportSmart Tyres with NTec

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mike8863, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Dunlop SportSmart Tyes with NTec

    What is NTec....NTec construction acts as a mechanical grip booster at low inflation pressure for track days. Riders can maximize the available grip on road or track without compromising the stiffness of the tyre. For dry track days, deflating the rear NTec tyre to approx 25psi will deliver predictable and tenacious handling on the limit.
    ( from the sales brochure )

    Recently it was time for new tyres on the 10r. Always running Michelins in the past and finding that lately my interest in their tyres has been wayning (pun) so I thought 'may as well give these new Dunlops a try'.

    My comments here compare the new Dunlop SportSmart tyres to Michelin Power 2CT's on the same bike and other people may not get the same results or have the same impressions as I have. ( disclaimer & arsecovering )

    The first days......

    Brand new on the rims and scrubbing the tyres in....After a quick cleaning to remove as much of the mould release ( one of the reasons new tyres are slippery ) it was off for a quick blatt of the local circuit around the Narre East / Harkaway / Upper Beac area. Conditions ranged from dry, to dry track, to damp/damper patches.

    Initial warm up - fairly equal. Both the Dunlops and the Michelins warm up fairly quickly getting to a reasonable operating temperature within 3-6 kms. While the tyres are in this phase the Dunlops behaved well offering good feedback and predictable behaviour.

    Once warm the Dunlops offer good grip and steer very well. I was expecting the Dunlop tyres to steer a little quicker that the previous Michelin tyres, but I was wrong. Overall my impressions after my 100km 'lap' are, 'sweet' steering, excellent road grip, excellent ability to hold a line over varying surface conditions, very little deflection from road irregularities. My interest in going back to Michelin's after these tyres is 'wayning' even further.....


    awesome, I've always been someone who enjoys and looks forward to a little "Mr Sqiggle" and on the second day of ownership I've been rewarded with the perfect conditions....roads nicely soaked overnight to wash off the oil and crud, followed by lighter consistent rain for my commute to school. How did the tyres behave...

    First up let say I wish we had race "wets" as good as today's road tyres back when I raced in the 80's. Wet weather performance of the modern day road radial tyres is just plain awesome, offering levels of grip and predictability that we could only have dreamed of back then.

    That said, I was expecting the SportSmart to be fairly excitable with its high solid to groove ratio appearing to offer limited ability to disperse water underfoot. Nothing could have been further from the truth. These tyres were just plain awesome in the wet. Predictable sliding and spinning up was the order of the day. Thing to learn about riding in the wet is 'smoooooth' and together with a little right wrist traction control..I had a ball....you know the feeling you get when you've just had the best 30km blast and it all fell into place just perfectly....not even the office biatch can get in your face when the smile on the dial is that big.

    Saturday.....Sun is out again....time to try out the NTec.

    Broadford turns on the weather - mild, mid 20's, light breeze ...hard to take but it does happen sometimes. I drop the front pressure to 30psi ( fronts do not have, nor do you want NTec on the front ) and the rear to 25psi and off we go.

    There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said in the glossy mags...These tyres are just plain awesome. While the Michelin Power 2CT's are an excellent sport touring tyre, when the speed and temperature rise they start getting a little squirmy....
    Not the Dunlop's.
    Grip, traction, side grip, wear and the rest, just plain awesome. In a later session I tried a slightly lower pressure in the rear tyre.....more of the same, but now we are in the territory of suspension fine tuning to get the best out of the tyre and the time ran out.

    Dunlop have rewritten the "sports" definition with the new SportSmart tyres. We now have a tyre that can commute Monday to Friday, scoot the hills on the weekend, and with only a simple pressure adjustment, hold its own against some of the more focused competition from other manufacturers when its time for the occasional track day.

    No freebies or favours were handed out or received in relation to the writing of this story.

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  2. Appreciate the post, I have been a dunslop hater since the shiteful Qualifier RRs. I think these may be worth me giving Dunlop another chance when the Speed Triple needs new rubber.
  3. Agree with OP. Great tyres wet or dry with tons of grip and feedback. Never liked Dunlops but these have changed the way I think.
    I'm running on a GSX14 so I'll update how long they last when they are done.
  4. Thanks for the info, just put a set of these on for a trackday the other week, didn't know about the Ntec feature though :facepalm:

    If they last til the next trackday I'll try it out :)

    Have to agreee with you, really good tyre, lots of feedback & very confidence inspiring. Heaps more neutral than the Continental Sport Attacks I had on before, I am not a fan of those tyres at all.

    Edit: Actually apparently I don't! The tyres with NTec are the SportMax SportSmart, (confusing much?), & I have the SportMax Q2's... Obviously my comments above apply to the SportMax Q2
  5. excellent review - thanks!

    have been looking at pures or Dunlops and think I ve read enough now to go out and purchase these new Dunlops

    At around $420 fitted its great value!
  6. I've been using them since they came out. Great tyres :)

    Surely Dunlop haven't used a mold release agent for years though.

    I just warm them up and then go, no slides, nothing.
  7. Old habits die hard....better safe than sorry...yadda..yadda.

    Also cause I'm a grubby bastard and muck around cleaning while the back wheel is out, my hands invariable aren't the cleanest non greasy paws, so a quick wipe after wheel installation / alignment removes any of my deposits from the tyre as well.
  8. I'll be in the market for these very, very shortly. Where and how much are people finding the sports smarts for?
  9. From 'observations in the field' if your paying more than $450-470 for 120 F/190 R fitted to rims already off the bike, you might be paying too much...

    'Wheel the bike in' - 'wheel it out' price ????? There would be more labour involved. Most sports bikes would take about 1/2 hr to remove & refit front & rear + a few incidentals like cleaning products and a new split pin.
  10. I paid $350 for the set fitted to loose wheels (120/190)

    2000klms on them now and they are still great and don't seem to be wearing too badly either.
  11. That's a great price. I just put a front on for a shelf price (including fitting) of $210.
  12. How have these lasted for those running them?

    I have had them fitted to a bike I sold and loved them. They appeared to be holding up well but as I didn't get the chance to replace them I'd be interested in the longevity people are getting out of them and also whether they change their charcacteristics at all towards the end of their life.
  13. Hi I wanted to know from your experience on these tyres what good pressures to run for aggressive cornering on the street?
  14. Just bought a set $400 fitted. keen to get other peoples opinions on these tyres
  15. Had these tyres for 2 months now & could not be happier.