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New dude...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by violetpop, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all, names Pop. Sydney gent. Been riding bikes for around 7 years. ATM i am on an 08 BMW g650xmoto and i am building an old 85 r65 airhead into some sort of a cool, minimal, custom bike. The term cafe racer is thrown around a lot... I can not get enough of airheads.

    I have had the motard for about 4 months, loving it. So light, so agile, good vision with it being so tall. Its my only form of transport and weekend toy all in one.

    I will start a build thread for my r65 shortly. Plenty of pics, plenty of dollars going into it.

    Happy to be here... Pop.
  2. Hey Pop, welcome to Netrider. Good to see another project on the go!
    If you want some inspiration, check out the Runcible Racer thread; the old Black Bomber never looked so good!
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  3. For sure I will check out that thread! I posted longer introduction but a message popped up saying I could not post images yet. All good, post some up soon enough.
  4. Yeah, you have to post 5 times before you can post pictures.....
  5. Yeah I figured out the hard way haha.

    Ok here we go...

    This is my daily.


    This is the project.


    This is how it look when I had it on the road last.
  6. Sacked immediately; how dare you have such a tidy workshop!!!!!
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  7. Hahahah I tried the messy shop and I just spent all my time looking for stuff that was staring at me! It does get messy from time to time though.
  8. Hi Pop, Nice bike, you may want to dither your numberplate its generally the done thing on public forums. Welcome. :)
  9. Welcome and +1 with Hornet, such neatness is not a NR trait at all!;)
  10. Welcome and your project is amazing !!
    BTW how did you keep your work shop that tidy when you have a project working on ?
    For me , only change the exhaust will turn my garage into a pile of wrenches LOL.
  11. G'day pop, look forward to the progress and for Gods sake spill some oil man.