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new ducati streetfighter what do people think?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo_duc, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. hi guys, i am new to this site so i hope im not doubling up this topic. Just looking on opinion for this new bike, anyone seen reviews, and much info? how about an AUS price? UK prices translate it to 33 k which is a hell of a lot :(

  2. It's not released yet. But it's based on the 1198, so you can check out some reviews of that and get some kind of idea.
  3. yeah i heard it had the engine from the 1098 but more chassis and overall features form the 1198. Guys at ducati said possibly june for it to come here.
  4. Motorcycle News in the UK have a section on it. Linky here

    Price wise, it will sit well above the 1100S Monster, so mid to late 20's was always on the cards.

    There are many excellent streetfighter style bikes out there at much less than this.
  5. Personally, not a big fan of its looks.

    Maybe it'll grow on me, but I've yet to have a bike grow on to the point where I love it later.
  6. It looks the goods. Base model i imagine will be mid to late 20's the S model in the 30's.

    I'm keen to take one for a burn, it looks like the 1098 has plugged the hole around 5,000rpm that the S4 has. It should be a blast to ride! Might get on myself although i'd wait for the non S version.
  7. You're right... but maybe not at the litre bike class? Compared to the overpopulated 600 class anyway.

    For some reason it doesn't work for me. Could be due to the name on the tank though.
  8. I'm biased with the Aprilia. But the KTM is also there and even the new M1100S is worthy of a really good look.

    Benelli, MV are also good options. The crazy Germans are represented with their K streetfighter that is so hideous it's pretty.
  9. Teutonic art at it's best my friend. The K1300R would efficiently, effectively and with solemn and serious German regard totally fcuk your shit up. I love it.

    The base model with no bells and whistles is easily equal or better value than the Tuono and an up-spec'd one would be like going to a proper German rave in arseless leather chaps with a bag of eccies - all pretty lights, hella fast and would pound you senseless around the dance floor.
  10. I know, I love it too. But it is the sort of ugly that even a mother has to look away from!

    Germans are nuts!

    I once had a BMW 316 (couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding, but looked dead smart). When I ordered it, you could mix and match the interior trims. But the Germans had some colour combinations you couldn't use. Which is fair enough, but have you seen their dress sense? Man, they're the only people who mix a lemon jacket with orange pants and a green tie and think it's cool.
  11. Bollocks to the Beemer, it's nine feet long, shaft driven and German it would rap you sternly over the wrist if you attempted hooligan activities without signing all the required paperwork.

    That Ducati's what you want - that or the 1100S Monster, which by all accounts is as much fun as a barrel of porno.
  12. Italian rubbish :grin: . What he wants is a Speed Triple and half the bling catalogue bolted on...oh wait, that's me. Still...

    I'm more inclined to think the new Beemer would have you sign a waiver and skull a stein of bier prior to starting and once you turn off the ABS and traction control it's all silliness and brown trousers.
  13. Have you looked at our bikes lately? Tuonos are just stupid hooligan fun all over the place but pretty they aint. :LOL:

    *edit* I must admit I do like butt ugly bikes if they have the redeeming features of great performance and not a Ducati :wink:
  14. I'm sure it goes hellishly fast, in a very sensible way, but they can jam that right up in the furls of their Bavarian arses. I want a bike that's naughtier than I am. Speed trip ain't far off!
  15. The Tuono has a sexy rear end, probably my favourite.

    It's supposed to come out with the V4 engine at the end of this year, no doubt it'll be a friggin animal!
  16. I can't look at yours, the reflection from the gold CRG's burnt my retinas!!

    Have you done any more to yours?
  17. Retinas are overrated. Ummmm... I think you saw the gold billet clutch and brake fluid reservoirs and the Resoma pure sex bar end mirrors? I really should opt for 'subtle' next time I buy something...

    Back OT for a sec, buy an orginal 2003-05 Tuono for much, much less than the Streetfighter and have just as much fun without the stigma of riding a Ducati, then go buy all sorts of bling and go-fast bits :wink:
  18. Streetfighter design element. You have to remove the exhausts to get the rear wheel off. Nice...
  19. For those who haven't seen it and couldn't be bothered hunting:

    Looks really busy for a 'streetfighter' - I remember reading that Galluzzi didn't like what the Monsters had become (he designed the original one as a bike you could "see through") so he must hate this, and I tend to agree with him. Too cluttered.

    I'm sure it goes like stink, but worth the money for the name? Stoopid quirks like the exhaust? With competition like the Tuono, Brutale, TnT and even their own Monster etc...? Money could be better spent IMHO, but then again you don't buy one of these for the practicalities, now do you?[/img]
  20. That's what I don't like about, just too busy down at the base.

    Horses for courses and they'll sell like hotcakes, not least because they'll go like stink and that have that special badge as well.