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New Ducati Store in Elizabeth Street

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by susuzuki, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Has any one checked this out. It is awesome. Discovered it by chance this arvo as I has to go to a place a few doors down. It is Ducati everything, state of the art, Dyno in the workshop, A real fire, fed with the packing crates, in the coffee area (free real coffee I believe ... and Italian of course) all the displays are Ducatied up and so are the staff and there is any model and all variations of a Ducati that any one would ever want to see.

  2. Well I was very disappointed.

    Went in to have a look at the S2R1000. Nope none in stock. How about hte s2r800. Nope, none in stock.

    Hmmmm, whats left??? Lots of 1098's, multistradas and ST3's.

    So went to the expo to have a look at an S2r1000 and guess what. None there as well. Guess they dont want to sell me one.
  3. The importer has been bringing in 1098s as they figured that'd be the big seller. Bigger Monsters are due late this year, early next year.
  4. Just glad I got my order in for my S2r 800 in August, I spoke to another guy who placed his order 2 weeks ago and he has been told by his dealer, "see you next year" all stock in the current shipment have been sold.

    Still gotta wait until November though! :mad:
  5. Yep certainly have seen it.. Thats where i test rode the 1098s..
  6. Surely they have already saturated the market for gullible people with too much money with the 916-999.

    I can't imagine there are that many people left that would pay the money they are asking for the 1098.
  7. Well you are dead wrong there, got people coming in every day wanting the 1098 even at the money. Waiting list out to lat Jan at the moment
  8. Regardless of what they charge for 1098 it is one stunning machine.

    Remember too, that for some people money isn't a problem. If I was one I'd be merrily on that waiting list too.
  9. guess the rich and gullible market is bigger then I thought.
  10. different color add $6000.. wow
  11. Whats the address of the Ducatti showroom in Elizabeth st?
  12. Even the most expensive motorcycles sell for pocket change compared to a sports car. The 1098 is fast, shiny and pretty, and Ducati have just won the world championship with an Aussie on board. No wonder they're selling.
  13. Precisely, a bog stock Commodore SV6, hardly a sports car, is more expensive than a 1098 Tricolore.

    The 1098 is actually cheaper than what the 999 was selling for at one stage.
  14. Don't be, the 2 valve Monsters aren't particularly expensive to service and the scheduled fee for the 2007 models is half of the earlier ones.

    The 1000km service on my Monster cost a little over $200 and over half of that was the cost of the oil and filter.
  15. It's not really the correct comparison, thought it's one of the reasons I ride a bike.

    The correct comparison is against any of the Japanese 1000s. Sure the Duck may be better in many areas, but 3 times as good? Not in my books
  16. Well the list price for a 1098 is about $26,000, where are these $8500 Japanese litre bikes?
  17. Regardless of three times as good, or whatever - they're certainly three times as charismatic, and three times as cool.

    And their resale value will be significantly better too.

    So nyah!