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New Ducati rider in the Sydney Area!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by widarecu, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I heard about netrider before but never got the chance (laziness) to actually create my account and get into the forum.

    I'm kind of new in the Sydney area (1 and a half year already) and finally got my new bike after a bit more than 3 years since my last one (work, travel and girlfriend reasons mainly ;) ).

    I consider myself and OK and kind of responsible rider and usually leave the speed and craziness for the track. I'm always interested for a weekend ride, the occasional escape-from-work ride and even more track days.

    I've been riding bikes for the last 8 years including:

    * Honda CBR600RR 2006
    * Honda CBR600RR 2007
    * Ducati 848 2008
    * Ducati 1198 2009
    * And the newest beast Ducati Panigale S 2013

    Thanks guys for this forum and hope to get to meet some of you soon.


  2. What a shabby, ordinary bunch of bikes :LOL:

    welcome to Netrider...
  3. What can I say, always a Ducati fan .... but have to confess the latest R1 reaaaaaally tempted me, the sound with after market pipes is just perfect!!
  4. Hey man, welcome
    Im a learner but i might see you around
  5. Welcome to NetRider mate (y) There's quite a few rides that go on, even in the winter months :)
  6. I'm definitely one of those winter riders as well :)
  7. How is the Panigale? I spoke to the guy at the dealership about them and he said word for word "it's like riding a plank of wood that has been set on fire" basically said it was the most uncomfortable ride, still gorgeous tho. Do you commute on it or is it a track day bike?
  8. Hopefully I get too see this panigale tomorrow!
  9. Good to meet you today widarecu, had a good ride, hope you made it home in time
  10. Where do you get your latte from?
  11. Well I've been driving Ducatis for quite some time so not really much of a comparison point but next to the 848 or 1198 this one feels better, much easier to ride. And well, today after the 300+ kilometers test I can say the only thing I'm changing is the seat for the comfortable version.

    My "latte"? Sorry mate you lost me on that one

    And was good meeting you too, I had a good time following you the whole ride ;) .... and yes man, made it just in time for my call :)