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New Ducati Panigale R - 206Hp & 162kg Gulp!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V2, May 25, 2015.

  1. They say its almost a street registrable WSBK bike. I'd like to borrow one over a long weekend!


    More Here

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  2. Does it come with free hospital insurance or a funeral plan ?
  3. $45,000!! Wow, it had better be good :) Looks nice though.

    Being a naked bike fan I could get 3 bikes for that $45,000.
  4. 205bhp and 184kg BTW.
  5. For $45,000 it better come with a full weekend advanced rider course thrown in...
  6. Does it come with cup holders?
  7. Only if your one of those guys who ride with fuel and oil - else its 164kg dry.
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  8. forget about cup holders, what you need are nut sack holders! because you need a freaking big set of balls to wring out this thing!
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  9. Ha ........ And to end all bench-racing fibs, it features new colour TFT instruments with a lean angle indicator.

    Cool. 5 degrees either side of vertical under normal circumstances then?
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  10. It probably costs more to fill it up with the rocket fuel every 100 kms
  11. It will look really good out the front of the nice cafe near the overused weekend road.
  12. Please sir, can I have more?
  13. Be a heck of a thing on a racetrack.
  14. It'd look better with me riding it
  15. I want it now. Right now. That is a wet dream on wheels...fanning myself!! Pheeeeew eeee....
    Nice. God I so love Ducatis...
    $45k thats a bit more than my max budget of $25k but I could be persuaded...I would so have to sleep next to that bike...
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  16. I also love me a Ducati. In fact my favourite bike is the Sport 1000
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  17. I don't know if its just me - but there seem to be a much higher proportion of Ducati's out on the road than ever before - especially on remote twisty roads! I'm pretty sure most are being used for there intended purpose!
  18. Nice bike, I'd have one! But please not another red one!

    V2V2, that's because they are now more user friendly, reliable and affordable, especially in the slightly used segment, something maybe a year or two old.
  19. You'd have to, because you're going to be disappointed with the seat height.
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  20. Baha ha ha! Bubble burster malJohannmalJohann
    I am thinking of a bone graft to get that few extra inches...

    you sure I wasn't married to you? You sound suspiciously like a husband I unfortunately still know ;)