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New Duc 848, I'm in love. Oh and welcome me back to netrider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Instigator, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Back to netrider after a bit of an abscence. Not even sure if this is the right section for this. Sorry mods if it isn't :oops:

    Noone probly remembers me, I never made that much of a stir to begin with :p

    My bike is still sitting round the side of the house, had car and other bills and shit to pay so haven't had any funds to spend on it for a while. Hopefully after christmas she'll be getting a cash injection and be on the road.

    Anywho I came accross this the other day and thought you guys might be interested. As far as I'm concerned it's sex on two wheels. If I ever win lotto I'll be down to the dealer for one of these quick smart.




    Full article and more pics at http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5527&Page=1
  2. It is a very nice bike, but so is the 1098R :p same thing just the handle makes the wheel move more in relation.

    By the way mate, you might want to edit your post down to 3 photos, otherwise mods will be all over you :tantrum:
  3. awesome looking bike. love to own a duke one day
    love your work.
    welcome back anyway.
  4. Welcome back instigator. I do remember your Avatar! About the Duc you and me both dude.
  5. Welcome back! And that bike is haaaawwwwwwt!
  6. great looking bike......love the older style shape, with the larger ducktail as opposed to the current trend of tiny ducktails.
  7. I'd get an 848 in a snap if I could afford it (well... either that or 1098). But... what made them choose white for the paint scheme... of all colours.. At least two-tone or something, but plain white? That's reserved for BMWs :p
  8. I love white sports bikes :cool: :cool:
  9. OMG that is FARKEN HOT!

    I want that bike!

    hmm inspires me to want to resprey mine a white and black colour
  10. Mmmm 848
    so all i need to do is pay off my daytona and BAM get myself another toy next year :D

    i wonder if i can hide it from the missus
  11. mm very nice, but it is just a 1098 on a budget
  12. Homologation model for the 800cc class?
  13. Yeah ok. :?

    So the yammy R6 is just an R1 on a budget? Same with the GSXR600 and the GSXR1000?

    Completely different bikes matey. Besides, from what I read, there isnt really going to be a major price difference between the 2 anyway.
  14. ok maybe it wasn't the best choice of words, no italian is ever going to be cheap, and in comparison to judging a R1 and R6, they both have a fair few differences in the looks department

    not so with the 848 and the 1098, my comment was in reference to a wanna be poser coud remove the stickers and sya they have a 1098, they are virtually identicle after all, how many people would think to check the VIN when just looking at (drooling over) a bike
  15. The 848 does not have the same monoblock brakes or a steering damper and has a wet clutch (1098 is dry clutch).
  16. hence the more budget then getting a 1098, the 1098 has the parts to back up the price, where the 848 is going to be falling slightly behind
    , looks wise they are virtually identical

    please note i'm not baggig the bike, it is still one sexy, sexy bike
  17. If the 848 / 1098 follow the same price patterns and the 749/999, an 848S should cost less than a base 1098, but have lighter wheels and Ohlins suspension. I'd be keen for that package!

    The 848 has "almost" the same power as a 999 but should have superior handling and if you believe the sales stuff, cheaper maintenance. Sounds really tempting to me!
  18. A fair bit of less weight as well, so its got better power/weight than the 999 as well.