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New DriRider Meshjacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Hi
    With all the hoopla re: Summer Mesh Jackets,here's a new DriRider.
    Here it is:


    Had a good look at it @ BikeMart/ Ringwood.
    Name: DriRider RallyCross
    Big mesh-panels in the front, zip-in waterproof liner.
    Zip-in Thermal liner (Both or either liner can be used).
    5 Colours available.
    Arms have 2 velcro compression straps to stop flapping if neither liner is used.
    Pockets everywhere. Bumpocket. Neck-pocket to take a 2-liter camel-bak style drink-bladder. Loops to hold drinking-tube to front-side.
    Armour-pockets with medium-weight armour at shoulders/elbows/back.

    Tried one on and they're fairly small for their labelled size, considering that both liners plus back-protector plus drink-bladder have to fit (at least potentially).
    RRP for jacket is $329 incl. light armour and waterproof liner.
    The accessory pack (another RRP $70) contains a more substantial set of armour (hardshell), a drink-bladder and the thermal liner.
    It's a true multi-purpose jacket, also aimed at the adventure/ offroad rider.
    Good stuff by the looks of it, certainly truly versatile. And there's way more to it than with a dedicated mesh-jacket only...
    More later, after I've had mine for a while :))

    PS: Don't forget to mention NetRider for your discount at BikeMart.
  2. is bikemart in melbourne?
  3. Ringwood/ Outer Eastern Subs.
    Along Maroondah Hwy, part of the cluster of Bike-shops like Peter Stevens/ Nova Honda/ A1/ Clipstone Yamaha etc.
  4. Heya,

    I have the summer jacket from joe rocket it is only $250...
    Basically has the same as above..

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. Another brand to consider is Spidi. I bought mine about 18 months ago. It's an excellent jacket with good protection and comfort. About $270, from memory.

    A mate has an Alpinestars mesh jacket, and his son has the DriRider. Both are good jackets. So, yeah, I'd say that it's probably difficult to choose between the brands. In the end, it may come down to color co-ordination or perhaps fit.......

  6. Have you tested the protection?????? :p
  7. Who really wants to test it, mate :)
    Just the combination "possibles" with the DriRider struck me as a good one, making it way more versatile than most others. Apart from really cold times, this one could well do for most of the year in it's various guises, also looking after the "dirt" side as well... (where jackets are usually thinner/lighter, but again, mostly single-purpose).
  8. Like any jacket its level of protection is limited. Low speed spills where you don't hit anything, it should be as good as any product out there. High speed ones where you slam into things, well, a denim jacket is probably as safe....
  9. Martin, get a sense of humour please :)

    I think you are hanging around the MRAA too much :LOL:
  10. How do the mesh jackets stack up against the solid cordura ones or even a leather jacket. Is there an equivalent level of protection from abrasion?
  11. I know the exact jacket you are talking about Scope was singing its praises not that long ago and she gave me the hard sell :LOL: at the Bikemart/netrider shopping night.

    Looks like a fantastic multipurpose/weather jacket especially with the extras kit (most water bladders are around $70 alone without the armour and fleecy liner). However I've already got most of that stuff covered, shame this jacket didn't exist 3 years ago when I got my dri-rider.
  12. Don't know exactly, but I guess, not. As in most cases, the thinner/flimsier stuff gets, the shorter it's life when pushed.
    Leather would be best, followed by solid cordura, then the various grades and shades of other materilas and combos, then T-shirts....
  13. I think Fixed just brought one as well....looks good :)
  14. Fixed or the jacket???? :LOL:

    I also had scope try to sell me one :p . You should ask for a Job girl, you were doing well. Shame I've already got a dri-rider winter jacket and a leather jacket.... I did end up buying a Motodry mesh jacket for summer though. I like the idea of an all-rounder type jacket but with three now I'll hold off until one falls apart.

    With any jacket of that nature there are going to be compromises. It may be too warm in summer, too cold in winter. Not having one I may be full of crap too. It's about time a manufacturer got around to making a jacket of this nature though. Trying to carry more than one jacket on a tour isn't practical.
  15. Yep! Scope should be getting commission for the endorsements she gave this jacket as for protection maybe ask if she was wearing it when cleaned up the beetle and if so how it coped!
  16. You must be thinking about someone else, I bought a Dririder Summit. Not exaclty the best thing for summer but by the gods that bastard is warm.
  17. I have just bought the Dririder RallyX and found it to be great in the warm weather, it breaths really well giving great airflow

    as we have had no rain in Perth yet, I just wanted to know if any of you mexicans have worn it in the wet and how does it stand up as all round rain protection???
  18. I have the dri-rider mesh jacket and its very good. Very comfortable and well armoured too. It is also very good at keep the rain out which I discovered first hand. The same cannot be said of my Draggin Jeans. Man, that kevlar ass really holds the water!