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*new* draggin kevlar legs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by clinks, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. just surfing the draggin australia website and found these:

    a few of you might know i've been trying to organise a group buy of the draggin kevlar liners from the US draggin website:
    $149USD + shipping

    does anyone know if these two products are essentially the same thing? because if they are i'd rather just get it from the Aus website.. shipping from the states makes it less worthwhile and also black > yellow
  2. So they are finally avail here ..
    I was looking at buying a set last year. They were only obtainable from the USA back then.
  3. :shock: That's dearer than a set of Draggin Jeans :shock:

    What's the target market? It can only be people who would wear these under a normal set of jeans; you wouldn't need them under Draggins, where a cheap set of long-johns combats the dreaded kevlar burns....
  4. Paul, I think the idea is that its cheaper to buy a set of these kevlar long-johns to wear under as many jeans as you own, rather than buy 1/2 dozen pairs of draggin jeans in varying styles ?
  5. wonder if any shops have started stocking them - wouldn't mind seeing them in the "flesh"

    doubt it though, at $269 i dont think there'd be much of a market, the US ones can be had for under $180AU in a group buy scenario
  6. All of which look like arse!
  7. Holy shit I just looked at the picture and thought they were starting a line of skinny jeans :shock: :LOL:
  8. I think the pants and matching top are a great idea, especially if it really is difficult to change out of bike gear at work... or if you want to wear your favourite jeans... or a summer top... Just one kevlar-set, some leggins/light top to protect underneath, some strap on armour, and you can choose to wear any of your normal clothes - sounds like a bargain to me! if you like choice :wink: ...unless I'm missing something??

    Also, they're full kevlar, not just knees, bum, elbows, shoulders... I wonder if you can get zip-together ones. I imagine it could be difficult to sew through it? :?
  9. If my wife's sewing machine will sew a patch on the knee of a pair of normal Draggin jeans, I don't think sewing on these would be difficult.
  10. Fully synthetic base-layer thermals... not a great idea when it comes to avoiding the smell of sweat. Fortunately, you could get a pair of these great K pants and K shirt, and then just wear some ultra light-weight Icebreaker merino wool base-layer thermals underneath, say 150gsm weight. The merino wool just refuses to smell, even after 40 days straight without washing!

    I practically live in mine (got a set of leggings and the Techtop Zip) and just change the top layer clothing.

    Mind you, it might be a pita to get in and out of for daily commutes. Great for some applications, though. Like semi to long distance traveling.

  11. :LOL: knees or bum? :p
  12. I've confined my in-flight Draggins testing to the knees so far, but I guess the posterior can't be far behind <groan> :LOL:.
  13. well i think its also to let people wear them under dress pants if they commute to work

    so k-legs + dress pants and button up shirt + leather jacket and you're already doing a hell of alot better than squidding it

    still, would rather see it before forking out the $
  14. When my Grandfather died several years ago I have felt a void I thought impossible to replace until following your posts.

  15. Just got given a pair of these for my 30th. They're great! I've ridden in them and worn them for general warmth, and they're real comfy, and from now on I can just wear normal jeans over the top when I ride! They're double-layered all over.
  16. ^+1

    Just got these a couple of days ago. Very tricky to find, Peter Stevens don't stock them, and not a lot of other places did. I tried Yamaha City on Elizabeth st, they didn't have them either but a very nice salesguy told me to try Draggin's HO (they've moved to Port Melbourne, by the way).

    I got them for $259 - a bit steep but a small price to pay considering I can wear any jeans or pants I want over them. All the other riding pants I have look terrible on me, so this is a godsend.

    They come in 'unisex' cut only. When I say unisex I meant guys, as my pair has a useless pocket-like part in the crotch region. I recommend washing them first, as they're a bit itchy otherwise. After 1st wash, they are V. COMFY. It works out very well during the winter, as it is thick-ish and warm, but I don't know how well it'll work during summer, I imagine it'll be way too hot.

    Highly recommended!

  17. ^ exactly: they're cheaper in the long run in terms wearing under multiple pants, but also because:
    1) they stretch larger and smaller, so your weight changes won't necessitate a new pair of riding pants, and
    2) I doubt they'll wear out in the way jeans naturally do.

    I'm sure they'd be better in summer than leathers, and I think I'll just cut some jeans down to knee-length shorts and they should be quite nice. Certainly they'd be easy to (slip into a loo and) take off during lunch, as they fold up to a small bundle which you can fit inside your helmet along with your gloves.
  18. :shock: I'm not trying to be a fashion cop at all, but you sir, are a fashion murderer. Murderer!!
  19. I have a K-Shirt which has double layers of material on the arms and chest, which make it a bit bulky for use under a business shirt. But the real problem is the cuffs, which are made way oversize, and then have a velcro closing mechanism. This would make them impossible to wear under any normal shirt.

    I imagine you would also need to go up a size in jeans to wear over the Kevlar pants as well. Do the pants have the velcro cuff?
  20. Why wear anything over them when you can pretend to be a ninja instead.