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new doublepack

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sigiandholly, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Hi there,
    from the mature both of us in the most northern German square tyre flatlands.
    Unmarried but engaged by a shared fattie BMW K16GT (2011).
    Also still riding HIS little fattie Honda GL1000 (1975) - she, who survived all wives and girlfriends....
    Logistics and sheep...are our bread. Supporting our 38yr old MC Club and a budding Hamburger Rugby Club (top league fan crowd of fifteen...)are pastime and passion, as are sheep, trucks and biking, the UK, Scandinavia and coast to coasts anywhere.
    Still with hopes n dreams for trips across Canada, AUS and NZ to see more sheep and bikes and rugby -we'll watch this space for info...

  2. Wilkommen guys, wie Getz?
  3. hi there , chilibutton
    Thanks, es geht almost ok here, now that spring is in the air, but picked up one of this year's flus. Could just listen to bikers racing by and missing out on a really good afternoon for it (well, someone's got to feel sorry for me),.shouldn't have gone to that infectious small theatre, but for a long bike ride instead .
    You are in Autumn right now? Cold, wet or good for riding?
  4. Welcome to NR!
  5. Welcome ....
  6. Just so, Lazy Libran-
    I'll throw in this little ditty with a similar take on things:

    Spring Song or Fifty Shades of True Black

    I drop my dress (it’s black) and slip
    into four fine layers of silk, Merino (black),
    put on some fourteen pounds of heavy cow,
    sacrificed and skinned, for me,
    sliced, cut and stitched
    into my tight, black biker’s outfit armour,
    don heavy boots (black) and gloves (black) and crash helmet.

    !I’ve now stripped off my sex,
    and thus genderless,empowered, protected and exposed
    I step out, and deeply breathe
    first spring smells of earth
    and oil and leather,
    and marvel at the gleam of the machine,
    her fiendish bits of clever engineering.

    I ignite her engine, she fires into life,
    exhales some steam after her long winter sleep,
    her motor’s gently humming, running warm;
    feel pressure, pulse, check all her fluids,
    I mount my bike and squeeze her,
    tight, between my thighs,feel her vibrations,
    turn her gas just once and make her roar,
    this leashed and powerful beast.

    Gently we get rollin’, she and I,
    swinging, leaning into curves,
    then faster, I give her throttle,
    she roars and, like a greyhound loosened, leaps forward and accelerates.

    I press into her saddle,
    brace the pressured rush of cold spring air,
    all senses on alert, I feel alive
    and know, just HOW I drive
    defines a fine dividing line
    between if I may live or die - -
    Machine and I are one,
    flying across the tarmac,
    through tight bends,
    all thoughts concentrate
    just on the present,fleeting, moment, past- and futureless, completely free,
    just this very moment.

    Said Ed, thinking
    about “her“ motorbike, about Lawrence of Arabia,
    and ́The Girl on a Motorcycle ́ and about staying faithful,

    11th (3rd Fukushima) March, 2015,
    at 54.675664, 8.949604
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Welcome, form another pilot of the Bavarian Mother Ship.
  9. Welcome sigiandhollysigiandholly, always nice to hear from our international guests. I just met a lovely group of Germans the other week after Mardi Gras, very nice people, we had a wonderful chat to end our evening.

    We ride all the year but autumn is a good season for riding - not too cold, not too hot. It rains, but not too often.
  10. HI, TWEET,
    brother in arms...shall we compare notes on the joys and pitfalls of this amazing 'sexer' or just leave it with enjoying the ride on a "80% outstandingly better and 20% excruciatingly worse than others" machine (Christoph Dimter's words, ex Porsche design man, who was the first to test ride and review the K16 for 'MOTORRAD' german mag, then immediately bought one and knows what he is talking about. He owned all sorts in 550.000 driven km's, also 2 Hayabusas. Now retired, you can't get hold of him as he weaves his K16 permanently round Back Forest and Alpine bends, being a sprightly 60+ who doesn't mind scraping the 'Angst Nipple' off her foot pegs.. ).
    It's gone VERY, almost suspiciously, quiet round the K16, even top dealers in Hamburg are not displaying a new model/ colour this year.
    What's the story with AUS, we wonder?
  11. Hi,
    yeah, lying in bed with flu, I have been visiting Melbourne (blessed be IT) and just checked it out, also weather. Are you in Melbourne? Also realised that you can pack little old Europe comfortably into it.
    God, it seems to have a charmed clime, want to pack my bags und leave for always sunny AUS...
    Ach, and we Krauts are not too bad on the whole, just a bunch of humourless speed maniacs...just don't mention the war (John Cleese? Fawlty Towers?)...