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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dalebrett, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hey guys! New to the forum here!

    Just to clarify i have done a search and didn't find what I was looking for so hope to not double up here.

    I need to get myself a new dirtbike. What im looking at is the yamaha XT250 and the kawasaki KLX250S, or any other u can suggest

    XT250: www yamaha-motor com au/motor/index.htm?model_cat.asp?modelcatid=3
    KLX250S: www kawasaki com au/index.php?category=motorcycles&sub_category=1&product=98

    Not sure which one to get. The XT250 is around 7300 on road, not too sure about the kawasaki. Anything in the same price range is OK, and if 2nd hand or 400's ok as long as within same price range.

    Dirtbike will 99% be used for off road not too fussed how it performs on the road. I live in sydney and will be taking it out to firetrails and then down on trips to the proper tracks like binacrombi or whatever etc....

    Any ideas suggestions and info would be great as Im new to dirt bikes and not sure which one to get.

    thanks heaps for your help!!

  2. never ridden that model kwaka however it looks a bit more road orientated than the XT's...however, i've had years of experience with various models of XT250 and XT600's...awesome all round trail bikes, low maintenance, super reliable and with a good set of knobbys, they can go just about anywhere.
  3. I looked at both of those models when I was shopping for a bike. I went with the XT250 because of the seat height.

    They are approximately the same price. I got the XT250 for $7K on the road and my gut feel is that any kawasaki dealer would match that for the KLX250.

    If the KLX was about 5 inches lower, I would have got it but I couldn't quite manage getting on and off it (I'm a bit too short). Otherwise I think it's a better bike overall. Got more adjustability of the front and rear suspension. A better dashboard (with tacho on it). Watercooled 4 valve engine. Petal disc brakes.

    XT250 has a bigger gas tank. KLX only has 7 litres.
  4. I've got a KLX300, great all round bike. I ride with a modified KDX200 and it keeps up OK..... it's more my skills (or lack thereof) that cause me to fall behind sometimes. :)

    For that kind of money you could buy two klx250s. You should look at the second hand market and you'll find one in great nick. I looked at some that had barely been ridden for about $4000.

    You can then spend more on aftermarket goodies and other gear.

  5. Mate, get your ideas right jeesus :roll:

    Ive been riding motocross for years, I own a CRF450R now

    But before this I had a Honda CRF250X, and my mate had a Yamaha WR250F. These two bikes would chew a XT250, and KLX250 up and shit it out, hell I was beating 500cc KTMs on my little 250.....

    They are not very comfortable for long commutes and touring, as they are designed to be ridden 80% on the dirt, 20% on the road, and the seat is hard (design feature all top model mx bikes have hard seats).

    You can pick up a good second hand '06 CRF250X or WR250F for about 6000-7000, just have a good listen to the engine and make sure your happy with it. These can get very tempermental.

    The only problem with one of these bikes, is that unlike your XT250 and KLX 250, these need a bit more maintenence ie; oil and filter changed every 2-3 tanks (tanks are only about 8L too so becareful(they do have reserve), Air Filter needs to be cleaned and oiled after every ride (I usually do it after every 2-3 rides if its not too dusty or Im not racing), and Valve checks every 3000 - 4000 kms (not hard to DIY - as long as your not a bogan with tools-cheap to get mechanics to do also)

    These are high tech high revving little 4 stroke engines (ie 9000RPM+, ti valves, 25 HP++ etc) and they have to be maintained like one the cost as much to rebuild too FYI, however own one of these and you will have a blast I would even place money on it.

    Honestly for anyone half serious about off road, ditch the KLX250 and XT250 what a joke, get an Enduro Bike and waste your mates.
  6. You're a knob.

    If you're looking at the low maintenance bikes, I wouldn't go past the DRZ400E. They're cheap enough new, and even cheaper 2nd hand. Bullet proof, so you shouldnt worry about a decent 2nd hand one.
  7. The only thing apart from mantainence (<-- can't spell) that might be a problem is the high seat height I think it is about 800mm+ might be wrong, has huge ground clearance + 200mm - 300mm, and also the fact that these bikes WILL need some mods to them if you want to daily commute. The Yamaha WR250F is alot better of a commuter, but more tame in the bush. If I were going to do some serious road Kms, I would buy a Cush Drive hub for the rear wheel (standard on roadies) these are about 800$$AU, plus you need to get it spoked etc. (may seem like alot, wait untill you have to buy a new gearbox...)

    Here was my old beast, 2006 model CRF250X, 2000kms, sold it for 4250..


    Sorry for writing the encyclopedia.

    PS. If your interested in one of these PROPER dirtbikes, say so on this forum, and I will tell you what I did to my CRF250X to make it more aggro, and also what else is good value for money.

    Also if you do want a dual purpose, not an enduro bike, don't go past the XR400s, i think they are LAMS approved too, the XR 250s are good but they don't really have enough grunt, and it's hard to find a good 2nd hand one, honda only make the XR400 Supermotard now :cry:
  8. If someone is looking for KLX/XT type bikes, registrable race bikes aren't exactly going to fit the bill. You're talking more sense with the XR400, except for the fact it's overpriced and underpowered compared to the DRZ.

    The new KLX450 is I believe pretty close to a soft enduro in a race enduro package, but then considerably out of budget.
  9. Because of your age corrupt_tiki I'll lay off you but devotard isn't too far off the mark.

    The guy is asking about trail bikes NOT race bikes. He obviously doesn't race motocross so what is the point of owning something that is too powerful and is a pain in the arse to maintain?

    Stick with what you've listed dalebrett, you'll enjoy your riding more been able to push yourself on a 250 rather than being scared shitless of falling off the back.
  10. drz250 isnt a bad buy either

    if money is no issue, get a wr250r. (different to a wr250f)
    It's one of the few injected bikes in this class. From everything I've read its the basically the best thing since sliced bread. most reviews basically say great performance, amazing fuel economy, low maintenance.
    having said that, its $10k + onroads (ouch!)
  11. Just giving my 2 cents, plus boredom :p

    Isn't that a Husqvarna 2 Stroke Enduro bike, they have a 24 month warranty, parts and labour :-O

    I'd have to recommend XR400 or XR650 for a Dualie though, they were really tough engines.
  12. I imagine he's talking about the new Yamaha which I think is the WR250X, although the dirt versions might be WR250R's. Revvy little injected bikes, but pricey and slightly more needy than the softer bikes.

    The Husky's do indeed have a 24 month warranty, but that is a marketing thing not a reliability thing. It's a pretty savage maintenance and REBUILD schedule you must stick to in order to keep your warranty.
  13. Hey guys thanks for the help keep it comming. Looking for anything in that price range including 400's 2nd hand if they fall under the $$$.

    Just to clarify, im not looking for it to be ridden on the road at all. Getting a trailer and will drive to each location pretty much.

    Keep the suggestions comming!!!

  14. Pretty difficult to suggest anything when you're too vague about what sort of bike you are after. Every dirt bike has different strengths and weaknesses.
    Once you say 2nd hand is OK it basically opens it up to almost any <400 dirt bike because you can buy an older model to fit under your budget.
  15. Edster:

    Looking at either the XT250, or the KLX250S, and now just saw the honda in the same price range.

    looking to use the bike mainly offroad dont care about onroad qualities. around that price range of 6-7+ on road.

    I'm definately leaning towards the kawasaki klx250s over the xt250, and not sure how the honda fares up to that.
  16. And I'll say again, you'd be mad not to look at the DRZ400E. 7k+ORC at some dealers, cheaper 2nd hand.
  17. You need it registered? Why not get the CRF250R? A 2nd hand would be even cheaper.
  18. Well If you have a registered bike, you can legally ride in state forest, But considering what you have told me (almost no roadwork etc) I would say you would have to be a fool to bypass the enduro bikes, so much more capable in serious off road, (xt600 is just hard work in the bush no fun at all) I mean all I did to maintain mine for 2 years, was drop the oil every 500-1000kms and new oil filter, clean air filter, and check valves every 2000km, not that much too ask I don't think
    They would probably survive a bit of neglegt but not as much as the XRs,XTs
    The KLX 450 is a hardcore enduro bike btw, as is the WR450Fand CRF450X
  19. +1

    Those recommending XR's, Pfffttttttt, anything more than a year old has a kick start only! Bad, bad, bad! Don't care how it rides, ever tried to kick start a big XR400 half way up a hill when you stall it? Suckks dogs!
  20. Mate most XRs, have aftermarket eccy starts, and it's not that hard, try kick starting a high comp, CRF450 in 40c in Sand Dunes, definately not the fun side of riding.