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New Deaf Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by mpgraphics, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I am new at this and I recently purchased Yamaha FXZ250 Zeal and I have a fuel leaking after switched RES to ON. The bike wont continue ride after I tried to change to second gear or put the clutch on. Any ideas?

  2. Welcome.

    It looks like you have at least three problems.

    Where is the fuel leaking from? Is there a vacuum line to the tap?

    Most "modern" bikes have a vacuum operated tap. This means they shouldn't leak when you turn the tap to "on". If it is leaking and it is a vacuum tap, then the tap needs to be pulled apart and examined. It may only need a clean.

    Even if the tap isn't sealing you still shouldn't leak fuel. The float needles in the carbies should seal. that is if the leak is after the carbies. This means the carbies need attention.

    With regard the running in gear, I'd be looking at clutch, neutral and side stand interlocks.
  3. Hey mate, are you profoundly deaf or partially?

    My sister has been riding for a few years now and she's profoundly deaf with two cochlear implants.
  4. My mate Sid in Brissy years ago was deaf from birth, Rode an 860 Norton, only way he cornered was by feel, scared the crap out of me, he sc****d the bike on every corner, hard,
  5. sc****with a D Is a bad word
  6. it's rape that the censoring system blocks
  7. ibast: Thanks for reply.. Not sure if my bike is 'modern', its '99.. I will check the tap as I couldn't see it last night.

    QuarterWit: I am profoundly deaf :)

    If my bike continue having problem with leaking/tap/carbies/idle.. Is there any good bike service in Melbourne?
  8. Hi mpgraphics, welcome to NR.

    Depends on where you are in Melbourne. I personally like Everything2Wheels. E2W is a fellow member on here and a solo mechanic at his shop. Does excellent work. If you're closer to the Frankston area, you could PM Streetmaster (also a member here) and go and see him.
  9. minglis: Thanks.. I am in Yarraville and E2W is the closest. There is not much motorcycle services in west area..
  10. Hi mpgraphics and welcome to Netrider

    RaceRelica Kawasaki is on Cnr of Francis St and Geelong Rd are close. Have heard good things about them helping out other brands in case your Yamaha isn't a Kawasaki :LOL:

    Other than that most closest in the west would be out Hoppers Crossig way. City would probably be closer to Yarraville.

    You sure it is on "On" and not on "prime" (I assume it has a prime setting as most modernish Jap bike do). Being on prime allows an unrestricted fuel flow and may cause leaks.

    If all else fails, while waiting for a fix, switch back to reserve if it wasn't leaking there. Just make sure you fill up before you run out as you won't have any more fuel once reserve goes.

    Also maybe try posting in the Technical/Troubleshooting forum as you may get more help there.
  11. hi mpgraphics,
    i have been keen to learn sign language for a while,
    and have been thinking about starting a thread Netrider
    to see if any other Netriders wanted to join in.

    i think sign would be a great tool to riders to use.
    since we could quickly communicate, whilst we have our helmets on,
    at the lights or during a quick stop.

    whenever i travel i try to learn a new language.
    i just spent the last month snowboarding in NZ.
    whilst i was there (since i had a captive audience)
    i annoyed the hell out of my mates by signing (ASL) as much as i could.

    even though my mates were unwilling participants (too say the least),
    they couldn't help but learn many of the signs i was using.
    one of their favourite responses was to close their eyes and say "i can't hear you".
    alternatively they would push two fingers up the bridge of their noses (nerd)
    which i didn't teach them, they looked that one up themselves.
  12. Hello mpgraphics, Welcome to NR.

    I have nothing much to add except to agree with the advice already given.

    I'm very glad to have you aboard as a motorcyclist, it's great to have you along. I'm sure you realise this, but you do need to exercise additional caution, because you may not hear a car or truck beside you, or a horn or a skidding tyre. That's no reason to stay away, it just means that you have to watch and be aware of a lot of things, both around you and on your own bike. For example, most of us have to watch the tacko while the bike is new to us, but after a while we can tell how many revs we're pulling from the sound.
  13. Hi mpgraphics,
    I could sign fluently back in the 70's and 80's.
    Will be good to brush up again, Relearn it from you. So you wont be left out,

    I learnt it at Brissy deaf college, and from my friends, a lot of my friends were deaf, It was a PITA when I was there and could not communicate with them, or they were there with us and could not communicate with us, so we trotted off to the school and learnt it.
    A month later. we could all sign, so then no one was left out. and we had a secret language as well amongst us, Hahahaha,
    Welcome to Netrider.
  14. GreyBM: Thanks for reply. My bike is 'ON' :) I dont have 'Prime' on my bike only 'OFF'. The leaking has stopped but my rev (rmp) cannot reach more than 1,000 - idle problem? About two months ago - the dealer's workshop (where I bought motorbike) said: it seems like stale fuel fouled the spark plugs so they have been replaced with new ones. they also stripped the carbys and cleaned them to make sure there is no trace of bad fuel.

    Now I cannot ride to the motorcycle service so I am wondering if there is any more mobile motorbike service as I found only one in Melb called 'Rolling Motorcycle Repair'.

    I am dying to ride in this beautiful weather!

    Hmm, I think I should make a few sign language for bikers. They can't hear each other while on the road, can they?

  15. I like the little slightly-racist throwbacks in sign language. Black, Jewish, Asian etc. Good for a laugh.

    But being profoundly deaf doesn't automatically mean you sign - my sister, who is also profoundly deaf, has two cochlear implants. The only signing I've seen her doing on a bike isn't auslan, but is pretty wildly understood.
  16. What's the deal with the Cochlears? Can they fix everyone? I assume not, but what are the limits? How well do they fix? Pretty amazing stuff.
  17. Hey there, welcome to NR. Come on down to the Saturday Session in St Kilda- - once your bike is fixed that is!