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New Daughter!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chrome, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've not been posting because a few weeks ago our first child, Rachel, was born. She was born on the 30/1 at 3:10am after 6 or so hours of labor (midwives were all surprised at how fast the Mrs progressed) with no major problems or worries.

    Two and a half weeks old now, and she's just awesome. Keeping mum and dad up at all hours right now but we're getting a handle on the feeding requirements and she's thriving :)


  2. Awesome, she's pretty cute!

    Getting enough sleep?

    My daughter is a little over 1 now, don't blink or you'll miss it!
  3. Congrats mate :)
  4. Congratulations to you and your partner.
    First couple of weeks is a bit of a shock, isn't it? Gets better pretty soon.
  5. Enormous congrats - daughters rock! Mine are 20 and 17 now, but I still remember holding them for the first time.
  6. She's a cutie!
    Congratulations to you both...
  7. Congrats mate, you'll love being a Dad
  8. Congrats.

    30/1 is a great birthday to have. Several awesome people born on that day. Like me :D
  9. now THAT'S one cute bub (y)
  10. Congratulations Chrome to you and your partner, so start coaching, first word should be "bike" ;)
  11. Congratulations Chrome to both of you....
    Life's cool when little ones come along....
  12. Congratulations, shes a real cutie.
  13. Congratulations. Now your life both ends and begins.
  14. Congrats, can't imagine how good your feeling.
  15. Aww! What a cutie!

    Congratulations to you and MrsChrome (although really, she did all the hard work :p)
  16. Awesome... Kids are great. Congratulations on number 1. May she be the first of many ;)
  17. Fantastic. Congratulations. That little bundle there, is the most important job and the greatest responsibility you will ever have. (Until you have 8 more that is...) You will note that it came without a user guide or an owners manual, or even a tool kit, let alone a free first service.

    ... or ... perhaps you won't have to pay for that in 16 years or so, but who knows?
  18. only 6099 more days till she can get her bike licence :p
  19. now's the time to learn elvish and klingon and all those other languages - and then bring her up using one or all of them! :D coolest kid on the block!

    imagine the school application:

    English, Elvish, Klingon, Mermish, Parseltongue... etc ;)

    freaking sweet :p
  20. ooooooooooh, and congrats :) i don't much like kids, so well... hope yours is an exception :D