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New cycle lanes in Sydney...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. New cycle lanes opened in Sydney this week.... but it's the people who needed to be "managed"...:-s


    er.. not really helping the shocking traffic congestion by taking existing traffic lanes!!... DERrrrrr!!

  2. Wow. Those cycle lanes... the fluoro megaphone man... hahaha.

    Notice how the stupid lanes are almost completely empty for most of the video? Just like every other bicycle lane I have ever seen.
  3. Can't open the above link at work but, my parents live on one of the streets that are being narrowed to create the new cycle paths.

    There were cycle "lanes" there before that would allow for car doors to open without the riders being taken out yet the very few cyclists that did ride down the entire length of the road were always in the centre of the lane or thereabouts holding up traffic instead of using there designated space.

    My only hope is that when they are finished that people will actually use them, and keep the lanes on the road free, but my view of cyclists though is that they beleive their green credentials mean they own the road rather than share the road.
  4. ..was talking to a guy at work who cycles to and from every day... He says he wont be using them because they are dangerous!! Apparently where the cycle ways end and merge with normal traffic causes them real probs.

    The guy rekons that its a botch job to try and shut the cyclists up, because the plans and implementation have been so bloody amateur...and even normal everyday requirements from a cyclists perspective have not been taken into account.
  5. I can believe that Tweetster. Sydney council is investing a lot of money but a lot the routes don't line up and little consultation was made with surrounding councils to have existing or suitable paths line up. TBH for it to be effective it have been a state govt thing (yes I know perhaps not this one) but it needs to go beyond council boundaries.
  6. I'm sure people can work out when its safe to cross well enough on their own.
  7. That's noise pollution!! "Please wait for the green man...thank you..." :rofl:

    If I had shop there, I'd jam that megaphone so far up his clacker, everytime he burped they'd hear it in Perth...
  8. The infrastructure has changed so they've put a guy in temporarily as a precaution because people are idiots.

    I work on kent street and people just walk on the bike lanes without looking. The point of bike lanes is to separate pedestrians, bikes and cars. People will get hurt if they just wander into the bike lanes without looking.

    It will take some adjustment to get used to the new arrangement (particularly on kent street) and he's there to ease the transition. I'd be suprised if he plans to make a career out of it.

    As far as congestion goes, bicycle and bus win, not cars.

  9. Thats one thing that gives me the heebie geebies about some cyclists - when they choose to ride on the road rather than the provided cycle lanes. in some instances hitting the road is unavoidable but on Anzac pde there are a magnificent set of cycle lanes which some tools choose to ignore.