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New Cruiser Rider Questions

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Benny85, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been riding my new XVS650 Custom for about 2 weeks now, its my first bike and I've never ridden before (even trail bikes etc.) I've found it to be a good stable bike to practice on, however as some people have mentioned, low speeds can be difficult, as I discovered practicing U turns in a side street... (luckily only a scratch on the underside of the exhaust, phew!)

    The question I have is with regards to wind drag whilst riding at 80+km/h, I often feel like I'm holding on for dear life! It has been a bit windy lately but do most cruiser riders get a screen for this reason, or simply 'tuck in', or do you just get used to it?


    Ben :)
  2. I have a riders backrest & when it gets windy I get pushed back into it. It's great for support & you don't have to hang on like you would without one.

    Getting one for your model should be easy enough.
  3. Yep - that what the screen is for - a cruiser is much more upright that a sports bike and you catch the wind a lot....

    You can get detachable screens that can be removed and replaced in a couple of minutes.... this might be the best bet.
  4. Dont have a problem hanging on to my nine (fear will do that for itself), but over 200kmh, my feet get blown off the pegs.
    It gets harder and harder until at 240 (indicated) it is bloody hard to keep your feet on them!.
  5. Haha I'll stick to the speed limits for now I think...

    From experience, anyone prefer any particular brands more than others for screens? I think I'll look into a full size detachable one for when I'm feeling like a sissy :cool:
  6. The day after i got my learners I picked up my Virago from the guys I bought it off (on ebay). Only exposure to ridng was in 2nd or 3rd gear at Motorcycle Motion doing 20-30kph around the basketball court sized training areas.

    Part of the ride home from the guys required me (ok well may be not required but I chose) to ride down the freeway for about 2 kms. When I got to 80 kph I thought the Virago was going to vibrate itself to pieces and that I would fall off the back with the wind rushing against me.

    I'm only about 6 months on now, but I don't notice it anymore. If I stop and think about it I can feel it but it's part of the experience! I've accidentally reached 120 kph and even then the wind force is nothing to worry about (I can't imagine going twice that fast though!!!)

    But safety first I guess - if you are struggling to hold on then perhaps a windscreen would be the way to go...

  7. Benny, like you my first ride of any sort bike was on the Q-ride training area (our's was fair bit bigger than a basketball court though). The first time I went over 60 kph was the day I bought my M50, 2 days after completing Q-Ride :) .

    First time at 100 kph at I too was supprised by the wind resistance. Within a couple of weeks though I got used to it, and now 5 months on I don't notice it at all. However about a month ago I took a M109 for a test ride and that feeling of hanging on for grim death came flooding back. Quite intoxicating indeed!. I'm going to get another 6 months experience on the 50 before upgrading though - it's not a bike you would want to make too many mistakes on!
  8. I ride a Virago too. I nicknamed mine the "Vibrato". I think it's just part of the deal with that bike.
  9. You notice the wind a lot at first, then when your body adjusts (muscle tone etc.) to the different/new experiences and it is never as bad again. See how you feel after a month or 2 before you decide. I was thinking about a screen for long trips and winter but have just decided to HTFU.
  10. If the majority of your riding is about town then don't bother, however if you're wanting to do much touring, then they're a must. Long days in the saddle become a lot less exhausting once you add a screen to a cruiser. They're great weather protection too.

    A quick release one is a good idea - I'd be taking mine off on occasion if I had that option but its too much of a PITA to get mine on and off, so it stays on regardless of whether I'm taking a trip to the shops or heading interstate. If I was buying a screen again I'd go for the quick release option instead of the yamaha OEM one.
  11. Thanks for the ideas guys, given the price of screens I'll give it some time and see if I get used to it like some of you have said.

    My main problem now that I've though it through a bit more was maybe not the wind in the face, but the feeling of 'wandering' in my lane with othe traffic around and a crosswind, but again maybe my muscles will learn to deal with it too :)
  12. I came off an SV 650 (literaly) and bought a XVS 650 Custom. The first few months were weird to day the least. Footpegs in the wrong place, hand grip too far apart, and feet and body getting blown backwards. I find that now it is much better. My feet tend to stay where they are meant to and it is not unless there is a decent head wind that I notice it now.

    See how you go. It will be the strong head wind that will get you. :grin:
  13. I personally like the feeling of no screen, but then again I ride a 750 and am rarely doing more than about 110-120kph. (Mainly I'm just commuting)

    I used to ride maxi scooters with big screens and sometimes felt a bit removed from riding. A bit like sitting in a car with the windows down.

    Having said that tho I've recently been looking at getting a small deflector screen.(about $80 -100 US) Just to provide some comfort at higher speeds (especially on long trips) AND they look a whole lot better than the sheets of perspex some bikes have fitted.

    Hope this helps....
  14. Hey martych could you point me in the direction of these deflector screens, I havent been able to find anything for less than a few hundred, especially once the fitting kit is included...
  15. Go to 'cruisercustomising.com' and search under 'screens', you'll find deflector screens there. I've ordered stuff off this company and found them pretty good. Even with post and packaging they're a lot cheaper than stuff here. Good Luck.


  16. When you find what you want check price with Republiccycle.com details in cruiser customising sticky, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=49319 prices usually cheaper and deliver within 10-14 days with parcel tracking.
  17. Screen for me too but mainly due to the factor of long touring days and a previous shoulder surgery. Because of the impact of the wind on an upright sitting position, my damaged shoulder joint locks-up after struggling against the wind buffeting. The screen gives me the option to cruise for hours without excessive discomfort. I would prefer not to have it on the bike around town but I can't be bothered removing and replacing the screen each time. Only takes about 10 mins to remove, but I'm lazy!!