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new cruiser rider on queensland roads

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by JR001, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. HI my missus passed last wednesday the qride test . (What a grin on her face !!) :grin:
    Yesterday we bought her HER Vulcan VN800 . The grin was even brighter(I guess only an operation will remove that :grin: :grin: :grin: )
    Just let you know if someone on a VN 800 in a black & orange HD jacket crosses your way ... It's her (but you will see it anyway because :grin: :grin: :grin: )
    stay upright

  2. Have a friend with a VN800, and he only has good things to say about it.
    He has owned it for 3+ yrs, and rides it a lot, so I respect his opinion.

    Well done, and it should not take too long to wipe the smile off her face! Just do something wrong!
  3. I am pretty new and have a VN900. So welcome to the Vn800 and it's new rider to the roads
  4. Have fun out on the roads lady and be careful of mad people in cars...

  5. Congrats to the Missus, mate! :grin:

    Whereabouts "south of Brissie" are you? I'm 4km north of Beaudesert. Would be happy to catch up for a ride sometime if you're heading out our way.

    BTW, we're having a little BBQ and ride (see link in sig line) on Dec 9th. Would be great if you both could make it.
  6. Hi cookeetree (What a screen name !! :wink: ) We live in beautiful Tamborine (NOT on the mountain - just updated my profile ; good idea btw) We would like to join if possible (possible other commitments = christmas party on the beach with the shop I'm contracting for). So a 'maybe' for my wifie and me. But I'll keep you posted.
  7. The screen name has a story to it, but it's too long to go into right now.

    You're "just up the road" from us! If you can't make the BBQ on the 9th, you'll just have to come over for another one some time. Definitely give us a yell if you want to go for a ride sometime, as I'm always keen. :grin: