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New cruiser owner

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by rhynoceros, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hi guys/gals,

    Well I'm evidently new to this forum and joined quite frankly to help pass the wait for my new bike to arrive.

    I’ve been looking/researching lightweight cruisers for a short while and test rode a few namely the Vulcan 900, sportster 883, and the M50.

    While I won’t go into detail after testing the three bikes I was really hung up between the Vulcan and M50 really like both but couldn’t decide so jumped on the net and did a bit of a google…..that’s when I found netrider and thought ‘oh great an aussie site to get some advice’ so here I was prepared to ask some questions but found that everything I was going to asked already had been and I must thank snowy for doing all the work for me lol cheers mate. As you guys can probably guess now I’ve got an M50 on order and hopefully will take delivery this week.

    The wait is killing me………….
  2. Welcome to NR and your great choice of bike.
  3. Congratulations
  4. You're lucky - I'm still deciding - though you can add the c50 into that equation for me :)
  5. Congratulations on your decision, I brought the same machine to get back into bikes six months ago and have found it to be great fun as well as looking and sounding fantastic.
    Lets see how long you can wait before you start personalizing your new ride.

  6. Ah good stuff rhynoceros, I reckon ya made the right choice mate, they really are a fun bike...Congrats Mate and welcome to the crew.
  7. Thanks guys appreciate the welcome, shall do the obligatory photos when I finally get my hands on her :grin: .
  8. Good choice of bike - and remember - you have to ride it often, and hard to enjoy it!
  9. Hi again guys,

    Well I picked up my bike on Friday, and without fail the second I fired her up the skies cracked open so I didn't get to do much riding that day.

    However I was able to do 200+ km yesterday and really love the bike. I actually noticed a change in the engine within that distance so can't wait till the grands up and i get the first service.

    The bike is so easy to ride but in saying that it does take you buy surprise just how nimble it is for this class of bike, it's really quite in incredible. I’ve also almost been through an entire tank of fuel already which I’m putting down to the engine being extremely tight at the moment and the deliberate varying of the rev range for the run in period.

    Anyway it looks like its going to be a gorgeous day so I’m going to give my bike a wash (it dirty as heck from riding the rain of Friday).
  10. Rhino, is that a factory sissy bar and rack?
  11. Are you running standard 91 octane unleaded Rhyno or premium?
    I've found I get better range from a tank if I use the 91 octane, which is the opposite of what I found with my old 250cc virago...

    Of course, I'm still hoping the economy will improve as I continue to run mine in.