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New CRM pipes and D3 tail tidy for my Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by timmyc, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Picked myself up some new pipes and a fender eliminator! Just wanted to show off a little :) Loaded a new tune onto the bike with TuneECU to match the slipons as well. Sounds fantastic with crackles on deceleration.

    Shitty video quality and definitely doesn't do the pipes justice (ie: they deafen people)

    Video: crmpipes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!




    More pics available at www.flickr.com/timmy_c
  2. Pipes and eliminator looks nice, I'm sure they sound great. That belly pan isn't the oem one is it cause it looks like it covers a greater area than oem would. Lots of nice mods keep it up.
  3. Na it's not OEM. Carbon fibre piece from the UK. Thanks :)
  4. Looking good there and like the mods you have made. What's next?
  5. Got a CF flyscreen coming in the mail, and have got 1 out of 2 rizoma reverse retro mirrors sitting in the garage (thought they came as a set but only bought 1, now I can't afford the second one lol)
    I've also got some ASV levers that have been sitting in my room since just after I bought the bike. They are a shitty gold colour and I've taken them apart with plans to get them anodised in a better gold.
  6. I like the look of the reverse retros a lot but as you've found out the hard way they are priced for a single unit and not for pairs like other brands. I'm looking in to them but am about to order a pair of knockoff reverse retros from rideitmoto for us79. Got a pair of bar ends in the post to accommodate for the reverse retros. Looked in to asvs as they are in my eyes clearly the best levers. Will get them for next bike so for now ordered a cheap cnc machined set off eBay for Au50.
  7. nice!!!
    love those CRMs... looks great with the black and black and with all the cf,very neat...
    kinda looks like your moriwaki x2 res?
    how loud are they? they look very loud... got some leo vince a few weeks ago and still getting used to the new noise levels...
    should organise a ride somewhere, i wouldnt be the only person on here who wants to see/ hear your bike in the metal...
  8. I'm very keen on a ride, haven't been properly riding in ages! Bogged down with all my uni work :(
    They pretty damn loud haha, I tried them with the baffles in and wasn't very impressed so I've kept them out and I'm loving it.
  9. ok- lets go wake up the neighbourhood :p
  10. Whereabouts are you? Want to go for a quick spin now? ;)
  11. i think the weather is going to be nice tomorrow, should ring in sick and tell 'em you have crm itis ...
  12. Just got back from a nice little ride and coffee in Mordialloc. I can't afford to call in sick hah. I have no sick or annual leave left! ](*,)
  13. Great looking machine Timmy. Can I ask where you mounted the Rideline? I'm looking to buy one but I can't find a good spot to mount it. I don't like them hanging off the rego plate.
  14. thanks for that. that's one of the few available places for one. It catches a fair bit of muck down there I imagine?
  15. It's actually not all that bad. I thought it would get a lot dirtier than it does..