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New Credit card phone scam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. FYI, have a read of this:


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  2. Hmmm. Getting clever. Most scams would only work on the very stupid, but this one would be relatively easy to fall for if you were a bit distracted or inattentive at the time.

    Good info.
  3. http://www.scambusters.org/creditcardscams.html

    I always verify any scam warnings :)

    Fun Ha!
  4. new?????????

    This was pinned up on the notice board on the oil rig I worked on in 2008 and emailed to myself previous to that.........

    where you getting your sources from rob?
  5. My email browny.
  6. The method is possible. The text of this particular "warning" is a bit dodgy though.Worth a warning but why cut and paste an American story? Also the letter head doesnt look right.Not aimed at the OP, aimed at whoever started this and decided to edit this for an "Australian" flavour.
  7. It's not all old news to a lot of people...
  8. Didnt say it was. Wasn't suggesting it was either. It may even be being reused.
  9. thanks for giving me some ideas rob!
  10. got this emailed to me a few days back. but i'm one of those people who firmly believes anyone stupid enough to get scammed in such an obvious way deserves it
  11. A little bit of truth and a little bit of hoax.

    Do the AFP really put out notices like this?
    With mobile phone numbers on the letter head?
    With all the phone numbers in the wrong international format?

    A grain of truth on a bogus letter.
  12. Take note of the message and don't focus on details like the incorrect things in the letter. I've seen/heard of this one before but a reminder doesn't hurt.
  13. Agree but why fake up the warning? It just makes the warning look dodgy.
  14. Thanks for the info Rob, I had not seen that one before,