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New CQ rider here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Vertigo1, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hey all, new rider from gladstone here. Finally upgraded from 50ccs to 250ccs in the form of an 05 gpx. Hope to hear from any locals with ride ideas or tips and tricks.

  2. Hey mate I'm from Gladstone too. Well calliope to get technical.

    Slightly lacking in good roads around here, theres a few great ones within a 100km ride each direction though.
  3. Ahh howdy neighbourino, from calliope too, just didnt think many people would realise where it is!.
    Have you done the run out to many peaks? is it a good ride? heard that alot of car and bike groups head out that way.
  4. Yeah everyone does the trip out to the pub. It's not too bad, heaps of fast sweepers but last time I went out there the rain had put potholes in alot of spots. Which wasn't that bad, but roadworks kinda killed it at the point haha.

    It's probably the only fun road that leads somewhere, there's one near Bilo that is a back road to the power plant that runs along two hillsides. 12.8kms of deserted ribbon haha.
  5. sounds like an idea to go exploring. should organise a ride sometime