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New Couple Rides

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Seth clan, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Here's our new ride :D We just got Mrs bike this morning 2006/2007 GPX250 2,500 k's on the clock $4500.


    Here's Mr's bike bought brand new 2010 Ninja 250 R Special Edition Green for $7700 on road.

  2. Wow!!.. congrats guys!!.. they look pretty damn spick!! =D>

    Happy and safe riding : )
  3. i like the livery on that ninja. good stuff. make sure you get out and ride em ;)
  4. Thanks Everyone! It was a pretty painful process for me, don't know if I have the courage to go second hand again :LOL:

    Was going to get a bike from Wagga Wagga (I'm in Sydney) sight-unseen but the seller wasn't willing to compromise for cash on delivery, he wanted me to give the entire cash $4000 before he sends it off which I wasn't comfortable with. I checked with mates to see what the legality is in terms of if he doesn't send it and it wasn't good on my end, so I ended up paying $250 more to get one in the area, delivered to me, less k's 2,500 vs 8,800 and in red instead of black.

    Still indecisive of whether I made the right choice getting red instead of black 8-[ but hey...:LOL:
  5. Nice bikes. I think you made the right colour choice, red is really eyecatching. Happy riding.