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New control slicks for ASBK

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by zxrno1, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. I was at Phillip island for the last two days trying the new control slicks, wow you don't realise how much side grip you get used to with the Ntec's.
    They seem a good tyre, longer life than Ntec's but get slippery after about 20laps for me and I heard 12 laps for the fast guys, I think alot of people had front end chatter problems and was difficult to get rid of in some corners but I think I got it right by lunch time yesterday, and the bike now feels like it did on Ntec's. The fast guys were doing 1.35's and most others 2-3 seconds slower that on N-tecs.

  2. I continue to be astounded by modern tyre technology. At the Six Hour in November, most of the top runners were running Dunlops that are specifically designed for Superstock racing (111's????)

    In qualifying on Saturday in hellishly hot conditions, James Spence on the R1 set his fastest regulation qualifying time on a tyre that had already done 112 laps!!!

    Most teams changed the rear twice and the front once in Six Hours and some made it through (admittedly at reduced pace) without a change at all.
  3. Thats really interesting man. Tyres make such ahuge difference its cool to hear some feedback from a racer like yourself.