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New, considering 2008 Ninja

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_roboto, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. hi there,

    ive just got my L's and im trying to decide on what bike...

    the main one im thinking about is a new kawasaki 250zzr ninja

    cant seem to find pricing on the internet, i heard they were between 6-7k

    also would you guys recommend anything else in this price range or cheaper?
  2. It hasn't been priced in Aus yet. I don't think Kawasaki Aus have even announced if they're bringing it over yet. I'd expect it to match the VTR250 and old ZZR250 at no less than $7000. Which is a lot when you compare to some of the great machinery you can get for $10'000 or less new.

    You can get any kind of 250 you like for $4000 or less in great condition. $7000 is a unnecessary for something you'll most likely resell shortly. If you have $ to burn though, go for it, it'll be a nice bike.
  3. [​IMG]

    Unless you plan on sticking with a 250 for years to come, just go used. Find one at a good price, look after it and you shouldn't lose too much on it when it comes time to upgrade.
  4. +1,

    Unless you intend on keeping a 250 as a commuter for the next several years (and even if you do actually..), its a hard choice to make when if you compare it to a gt650r, er6f, sv650s or similar for the same price.. but yes gt650r is the only learner legal one, but still.

    But if the money aspect doesn't phase you, go the new ninja! All of the above doesn't matter if you love it alot and don't mind forking out for the initial bike cost, initial (and expensive) servicing, putting the basic mods on if you need them, and eventual loss from depreciation, then go for it, it IS a great lil bike.

    Butt... unless kawa decide to take the strategic and clever route and sell the bike cheaply and thus make alot by economies of sale... expect to pay 8000 ride away, maybe more.
  5. My friend just bought a brand new one... I think its the 2008 model, by the looks of it, because it doesnt look like those older 80's looking ones.. Anyway he paid something along the lines of 9 grand including gear.

    The main reason i was considering getting new is because a lot of used bikes have been dropped... But since you say its probably a better idea, i would prefer something post 2000 model, if buying new. Perhaps a GPX250 or CBR250RR, or some other kawasaki 250.. What should i expect to pay for one of these (2000+ model)? Around 4grand seems a bit low... Are there any other bikes you guys would recommend instead? Most of the CBR's seem a bit over done for me, so im kinda tending towards the kwaka's. Oh and just so you know, its sports bikes only :p.. It's not mainly for the fun aspect, more so just for commuting.

    And im in WA. Our laws mean that we can only have 250's, so that 650cc one would be a no go for me.
  6. yes they have been announced to dealers, but no price on them yet. Boltons kawasaki in adelaide have already ordered 10 of them which are expected to be released MID DECEMBER :twisted: :grin: . there estimating to be between 6 - 7 grand.


    there fcukin hot, im close to decided to wait and get one instead of the 08 DRZ400SM. maybe get both lol :p .

    Ohh yea, what happened to my thread bout this i put up last night. WTF
  7. nar.... that would be still the older ZX2R, (08 model hasnt been released to aust yet) some places are doing they up, making them look good and new and are selling them for, yes around 9grand.
  8. WA prices may be a little higher than east coast but you can get some great rides for $4000 and less.
    Unless you think you are the only learner who will not drop their bike (*cue tears*) and money is no object go new as you will have a warranty etc but you WILL be paying for the privilege.
    Bikes like the GPX and ZZR have not changed much over the years so anything with genuine low k's (under 40) with a service history and in good nick should do you regardless of year of manufacture.
    There is plenty of performance for learners in these Kawa engines. I sold my RF900R and am waiting for a new bike to arrive but I'm having fun playing on Mrs 2wheelsagain's ZZR250. it's a surprising little bike.
    My recommendations: GPX / ZZR. Save your cash for good gear and extra lessons and put anything left over into your upgrade dreams.
  9. Sounds like a good plan there.

    So, whats the going rate on a later model used ZZR/GPX, like 2000+

    I dont mind spending an extra grand if its 10 years newer

    Anyway, with the zzr/gpx, can some one provide a link showing me the differences between the two, or are they basically the same? sorry for being a noob, but if i dont ask i wont know.

    Basically what I'm after is something around/less than 150kg with around 40hp, and 250cc of course. I would like it to feel reasonably fast compared to my car which is a 300hp 180sx, so a 125 is out of the question. I would get bored of that within a week.
  10. Oh I just noticed there is a Guide to buying first bike thread... :shock:
  11. 2000ish ZZR in good nick for $4000 (eastern states)
    GPX has the same mechanicals with less fairing and different brakes.
    ZZR weighs about 140kg and tops out about 170kmh
    Plenty of pix on google images.

    Note 1: I stand corrected on the above if someone has better knowledge than me but it's my first hand experience. :wink:

    Note 2: Forget about how you drive your car. Bikes are a whole different ball game :p
  12. Due to the pumped farings, the ZZR looks a whole lot bigger than it is. Only bike people pick 'em for a 250. I believe it's actually around the same size as the 600. The GPX looks like a greyhound in comparison.

    2wheels is pretty much spot-on for the weight and speed. I've had ours out to 170 (I'm 85kg); 150 with a pillion (extra 55kg).

    Being a new bike rider, pretty much anything will feel fast compared to sitting in a cage. Given some experience, you'll be able to push the ZZR through the twisties at a great rate of knots. They're just sooooo light and flickable. :grin:
  13. Mmmm, close to it. I sat on a zzr600 the other day, felt huge in comparison, and more sporty. + it had a cool locked section in the front fairing :)

    I'd consider one, but I want to try something different.
  14. I found my S12 with 210hp@wheels was faster than my FZR250R.

    I found my FZR250R was same as CBR250RR and ZXR250R, which are all much quicker than GPX250 and ZZR250 and NSR150.

    Look up the specs on the bikes you are interested in, but you'll find that if you want the quickest bike you can get on your L's and like the big revs sound, CBR, FZR, ZXR bikes rev to 18,000rpm and produce more power than the others. So for all the bagging out they receive, you can't give a learner a sportier 4 stroke bike that.

    You can get cheaper ones if you look around, I just sold my FZR for $3,500 and there was nothing wrong with it.

    But you won't get a learner legal bike as fast as a true 300hp@wheels 180sx.
  15. there sexy, get it its worth loosing the 2k as long as you keep it for 2-3 years
    and you cant put a $ value on the chicks you will pull hehe
  16. heheh thanks guys... i will probably keep whatever i get, as long as i dont crash it, for a couple of years so that is why i was considering a new one. i wouldnt have to worry about it being thrashed either..
  17. More than likely you will drop your bike. So be prepare to damage your new pretty fairings or get oggy knobs, which may draw away some of the coolness of it.

    Couple years is not a long time. If your already thinking about the next upgade even before you get your learners bike, you night not want to throw too much money into your learners bike. 2 extra grand can get you a fair bit further with an upgrade.

    But at the end of the day. If you get that bike or another it will be your first bike and you'll end up having a soft spot for it whatever it is
  18. how much is an aftermarket exhaust for zzr250
  19. GPX's (and assuming the new ninja250) have about 36 ponies to the 4pots 45 ponies and similar weight. The 4 pots arent "much" faster then the gpx/equiv when you take into consideration rider weight, skill and individual launch. I know me riding my cbr250r (model that did have 45 ponies at launch) isnt as fast as a guy i know who rides a gt250r (air cooled twin @ about 30 hp) in a straight line. I am also 110kg to his 70kg and his bike is newer. I did catch up to him around corners because we were both about the same as each other.

    However the NSR150 should be a bit quicker then a cbr250rr/similar in a straight line. Both make the same power and torque, but the nsr150 weighs 36kg less. However being a 2 stroke means that if it nearly needs a rebuild, then it will be running like a hog.

    Also, most people find bikes "feel" faster then a car (when they may not be) just because they have the air rushing past them all the time.

    Bit off topic, but thought i would chuck my 2 cents in.

    As for pipes. Debaffling is free, gives throatier noise. new exhaust, bigger jets, new air filter, etc all could pbly give the gpx another....7-10hp. And the price you would pay wouldnt be worth it. Learn on your slow bike, go fast on your new one when you get your big license.

    Have you thought about an rgv250? 2stroke 250's go like the clappers.
  20. They're about 500ish.