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New, confused, and worried rider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by daviddurie, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I’m getting ready to buy my first bike and have a few (very newbish) questions. I’m 19 years old and 6’4†weighing about 110kg. I’m leaning towards getting a Hyosung Gv250 Aquilia due to its size and visual appeal but have a few questions about kitting it out. (any extra info would be good I’m a little lost in a world of disinterested sales reps and insider terminology).

    I need to use my bike for commuting including transporting a fair few books and a laptop computer and was wondering what kind of luggage I should get? While I like the look of saddle bags I’m doubting there weather and impact protection of the thousands of dollars of gear inside them.

    What are cruiser pipes?

    Are helmets with full face visors instead of the eye slits safe?

    And has any bigger guys had any problems riding the Aquilia size wise?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Garou is a larger Chappy and rides one.
    I have ridden the GT250R (same donk and Box) and they have some really nice pull from the get go.
    when it comes to protecting a laptop on a bike i think the rules are prety simple...
    Put the bike down expect to be trying an insurance clame on the Puter.
    Laptops are not designed to take teh sort of impacts you will encounter unless you get a rigid box and pack it with foam.

    I carry a Laptop in a backpack, My reasoning is simple... it is a work laptop and it aint my problem. But if you don't have that luxury you will just have to think about keeping it insured.

    If I were a cruser person i would only have one issue with the Aquilla and that is that teh handlebars come back to far (But this should be an easy fix)
  3. https://netrider.net.au/forums/search.php?mode=results Plenty of pannier info there, enjoy your read.

    Cruiser pipes sound like a exhaust to me.

    On the helmet issue do you mean a full face helmet with the structure of the helmet covering your chin area, against a open face helmet with a flip down plastic eye/face shield?

    Just think about that one yourself, if you fall/get knocked off the bike at high speed and end up sliding along the road on the front of your head do you still want to have a face when the sliding stops?

    If the answer is "yes, I still want to have a face when the sliding stops." Then you need to buy a full face helmet.

  4. Hi there!
    Can't offer advice on the bike. I had a GT250R and the little v-twin pulls quite nicely and is the same motor as the bike you're looking at so won't have probs with carting you around (i'm a svelt 110kg too :grin: )
    As for the helmet, do a google image search for "nothing comes between me and my harley" to see the after effects of a frontal slide wearing an open face helmet. Should be enough to help you make up your mind.

    Good luck,


  5. YUK!
    Thanks for that, :sick:
  6. Sorry!! I'm not squeamish but that one certainly made me feel a bit ill. Also confirmed why I don't hit the road (s'cuse the pun) without a full face helmet!
  7. As a former manager of a bike dealership, let me say
    1) Ride as many bikes as you can that are LAMS approved and buy the one that you find "fits" you
    2) Hyosung had some early build problems, which may or may not now be sorted out
    3) Full face helmets are the way to go for the reason stated above
    4) Always wear a minimum of helmet, jacket, gloves, Draggin jeans and boots that at least cover your ankles
    5) If its too hot to wear the above, it's too hot to ride!
    6) Do as many riding courses you can
    7) Be careful of advice given by younger riders. NOT ignore, just be careful. Kilometers and age maketh experience
    8) Ignore advice given by riders who fall off regularly lol
    9) Ride like every other driver around you is out to kill you
    I might think of some more later......
  8. no such thing as bad riding days just bad riding gear.........so I was told once
  9. S&S, I quoted that becaue it is the justification I have heard from many squidders for riding in tshirt, shorts and runners.
    They usually change their minds when they have an off in aforementioned gear!
  10. I ride in a T-shirt and jeans alot does this make me a squid?
  11. yep!
    But it's OK as long as you don't fall off. :grin:

    Anyway, as adults we're all capable of making informed decisions about our own safety.
  12. I gave up that falling off thing when i payed the costed to repair the bike.
  13. Yes!
    But its your free choice.
  14. a few weeks ago i saw a bloke riding around in his 250 cbr with NO shirt on just skin, shorts and sneakers. It was a hot day but hey what the heck i'll be fully sick today bro!

    I just shook my head.

  15. Hey riding with no shirt is very refreshing!
  16. idc if you've ridden for 40 years, clocked up more k's than anyone else. you have to be F*CKING thick to ride without protective gear on. the injuries i've sustained from stacking my PUSHbike riding topless on dirt tracks are bad enough, let alone doing it 40kmph faster, on bitumen...

    fool i say.
  17. Just to add to the above point....

    We (riders) wear protective gear, not because we are sh*t riders, but because people in general are unpredictable. I'd never put my safety in another persons hands and in the hope they'll ride / drive properly at all times.
  18. Hi Guys / Gals,

    Just baught a ZZR250 with gear rack, i'll have to watch out for the above.

    Thanks for the tip !
  19. Age maketh experience on the road? [-X
    [-( [-( [-(

    i refuse to take advice from a 98 Y.O. that rode 15000kms 60 years ago.
    i take it from that snippet that you are an older gentleman yourself, and whilst the advice has credibility i think it is solely based on kilometres/hours doing the task.
    the age bit is just what you oldies say to make your information sound more important ;) :p :p
  20. 2nd that, motion carried! :grin:

    age DOES NOT equal experience.
    experience equals experience.

    My old man got his license by driving to the police station. The copper came out and "listened" to him drive around the block and change gears, then had him come inside to sign on the dotted line. His 5 years of riding a Norton 750 featherbed (50 years ago) cetainly doesn't make him an expert, but it does make me want to buy a norton :grin: :p