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New Competition for this month

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. err, you do realise that there are two draggin' jeans products that are waterproof? there are the Oilskin jeans which have been released this year and the Draggin' Dry's which have been around for a while...

    So which one is used to answer the question?
  2. The question asks what product is used to waterproof them.

    I have made the question easier for you :p
  3. Who won lasts months?

    Please say me!

    Although a nice pair of Draggin's would be sweet! :dance:
  4. Don't bother entering the competitions this month people.

    I'm going to win.

  5. ME!
  6. Sorry I've already rigged the competition in my favor by sending topless photos of myself to Vic :LOL:

    But seriously I'd like to win this one.
  7. Just checking Vic - have all previous submissions been voided? Just wanna know whether to reanswer the comp question.

    Thanks mate :)
  8. Nope, as long as they are legit answers you are still in the running
  9. Congrats! But surely it must mean its my turn? [-o<
  10. Sooooooo

    Who won last months prizes??

    I will not give up!!!
  11. hope it was me.... PLZ I really need a change of luck [-o<
  12. Did anyone win it this month???
  13. I've been in Sydney for the expo and then have worked nights for the last couple of days.

    I'll draw them now. Unless you are notified, you didn't win ;)
  14. So is my email taking a while to get here or did someone else win :?:
  15. :LOL: that's what I was thinking too :wink:
  16. And still, no-one has won :?
  17. winners have been notified
  18. have you got my email address correct??.... maybe you don't... does it keep bouncing back?? :p
  19. No comps for December ??