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New commodore features

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pockets, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Was just reading up on the new commodore, not sure where this thread belongs so leaving it for general.

    A statement from the news website "The new Commodore will also be available with technology that alerts drivers if they are about to crash into the car in front in stop-start traffic, wander from their lane without indicating, or if there is a vehicle in their "blindspot" (the view over the shoulder not covered by the side mirrors).

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/finally-the-new-world-class-holden-vf-commodore-has-landed-in-australia/story-e6frfm1i-1226574705971#ixzz2KSvv5uIt"

    Could help in numerous circumstances, too bad it only alerts the driver and doesn't eject them.
  2. Read the news.com.au report, and see the graph there of Commodore/Falcon sales: there is no hope for this car, or any like it ever again in the Australian marketplace
  3. Yes, I also saw that and thought: there has been technology to detect collisions in cars for a long time - the eyes of the driver.

    Maybe I'd need to see it in action to be convinced that it was of value.
  4. I went back to the Aussie barge. I'm due now for a new car and it wont be Aussie. I'm patriotic as the next schmuck, but I hate throwing good money on crap. Pitty the new Kingswood looks good too.
  5. My issue with all this technology like cars that reverse park themselves and detect all and sundry around them is people no longer have to learn to drive.
    That's why so many stick their car I 'D' look at the windscreen only and attempt to steer.
  6. Holden need to make Panel Vans again.
  7. we piss and moan about how graph's are generally misinterpreted or misrepresented in news article's - find it odd that we can proclaim bullshit on other graph's or stats involving motorbikes but anything else..."YEAH BUT DID YOU SEE THE GRAPH?!?!" "NA THIS SITE SAYS 73% OF "etc etc.

    not trying to pick shit with you personally hornet....just a quick observation - i'm hungover as shit tho so brains working less than normal.....i'm effectively past brain dead I guess
  8. What's wrong with the graph? It maps sales figures supplied as per the industry.,it shows that people are buying fewer Aussie 6 tanks and more and different cars. The article says as much. You might be hung over: I trust you make more sense when sober...
  9. The features are new news but the bit about these cars not being around because of a graph is old news irrelevant since they announced ages ago that the Commodore would be replaced with a new fwd car in 2016.

    I suspect these new features are an indication of what might be in the globally released fwd replacement.
  10. Let me know when it comes with a new "competent driver" feature. Till then, meh.
  11. Hahaha journalists piss and moan about having a well priced and good overall car thats locally made, comparing it to more expensive Euro barges or smaller non family Jap buzz boxes...............and having a whale of a time nit picking all its features.

    Australia deserves to be stuck with large FWD family cars, overpriced Euro barges, or cramped Japanese plastic fantastic.........designed and made by overseas workers.
  12. What's not to understand about this graph?

  13. Points deducted from the graph maker for making the bottom limit a visually-misleading "10,000" rather than a "0".
  14. Hmmm ... I notice a sales dip right around the VH Commodore ... I quite liked mine.
    There used to be a LOT less choice when it came to family sized cars. These days you can get everything and everyone in without needing a big six sedan.
    Speaking of the VH, it was considered a "large car" in it's time but it was the same size as my current "mid sized" Toyota Camry (boring mobile), possibly even a little smaller. It certainly had a better turning circle, damn the Camry is shyte for that.
    Anyway, I don't think the buying public like floaty-arsed barges nor have they in some time, and that's what the modern Commodores and Falcons are. All the features in the world aren't going to turn us into yanks and they certainly don't make anyone better drivers.
  15. In the VH commo days that was when there was a big fuel price issue IIRC. They came with "economy" (Vacum) gauges instead of tachos.
  16. Even more confusing is the Camry platform being both in the medium and large passenger car category................

    The upper spec performance Comos and falcons are less floaty than the Camrys of the world................my guess is that Australian will be closer to yank shit mobiles. With the demise of local Ford and Holdens, our cars will be made according to American tastes, since they are the main market for cars.........
  17. The article mentioned a move to front wheel drive format for Australia??? Really??? For Australia?
  18. Well apart from the luxury end of the market, and a few specialised cars (MX5)' that's the standard these days....
  19. Ford have been say a global platform by 2016 for a while now. Which will mean FWD or AWD. They made the Taurus in a AWD and it was a heavy slug..... so FWD.
    Now a little FWD hatch is as good to drive as a RWD in the same power and weight. But @ 1900+ kg.... not so much fun.
    This is globalization at it's best. Screw you customer, it's all about the bottom line!
    Our destinies sculptured by a spotty bottomed smelly breathed bean counter hidden in some dungeon in a squillionaires castle on a remote island .... think about it... or not
  20. FWD. AWD. RWD. Whatever. If Ford or Holden made a PTW it'd still stay-the-fark away.