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New colors for Draggin Camo Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jaqhama, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. definately rockin up to work in fluro blue artic cammo's! yessssssssssssssssssss

    fricken sweet!

    actually... no, no maybe not
  2. Nice camo colours but I'll still stick with classic denim.
  3. I'll just stick with my Hornee's
  4. I saw the red ones when I picked up my regular camo's a couple of months ago. Spoke to one of the sales guys (Liam) who said they were coming out. They look fantastic in the flesh and I'm really cross I didn't know about them when I ordered the others as I would have waited :evil:
  5. Nup sorry, don't like at all.
  6. & I get teased for wanting my bike accessories to match - at lease my excuse is I'm a girl :LOL:
    cool ..... red :p
  7. Hmmm ... like the ultra violet but cant say I'd wear the red or blue ones ewwww :shock: turn the volume down lol
  8. I think you'd stand out in those colours.
  9. nah you wait next time you see those they will be on pimp my ride... :LOL: probably after they fit the chandeler and instal another god damn cappachino machine!!!
  10. x2 but i do kind of like the red ones :)
  11. Red Camo's. Rather a contradiction, wouldn't you say (unless you're fighting on Mars, or urban assault in the Australia Post car park.)

    Slightly confused - was it Liam and his red-cammo'd sales-friends that were coming out, or the trousers? And anything that evokes the words "fantastic in the flesh" and "really 'cross' " leaves me just a little cautious. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by those Draggin' folk.

    Remember people - stay safe - wear your protection.

    Oh dear - now I'm channelling Benny Hill

  12. slappity slappity slap
  13. Talk about fashion disasters of the 21st century.
  14. :rofl: @ chairman's post
  15. tpp bad if your bike is yellow
  16. I like it - think of it as a new type of squid identification system.
  17. Well, of course, 'camo' is a name for a style (or at a lower level, a fabric print) here, rather than a function: on a bike in traffic, camouflage is the *last* thing you want. (Bravus: stating the bleeding obvious here for about a week now)

    Wouldn't mind the red ones to match my bike, but they definitely wouldn't be a 'wear to work and leave on all day' option for me.
  18. If only I had a cool arctic blue bike, then I'd look "super cool"in my sexy french accent

    seriously though I'm waiting for the silver coloured cammo. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I like 'em - disaster or statement - you gotta admit they're visible.