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New clutch

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Whitie, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have an 03 Z1000 and noticed when overtaking the other day my revs spun up.! Only "seems" to be doing it at high revs in a higher gear..

    Now usually when a replacement bit goes on my bike it's always an upgraded part. What would the down side to throwing in a "race" clutch.? I use my bike daily.

  2. Race..... as in slipper clutch ????
    Not sure if the one off the 10 fits it. So will be costly.
    Only downside is slippers run a bit hotter. Why we like them dry.
    They also can cause some rear wheel tramp when banging down gears.
    There is s huge dif between what they fit to OEM bikes to race bikes though.
    The one in my Duc (dry) is just fantastic.
    The one I had in my ZX636 sucked. Made it tramp worse than Kernals mom.
  3. Fair enough, when I say "race" I wasn't thinking slipper. More alongside the lines of a stronger/better clutch
  4. what's the story with my mum? you're not implying that my dad is a yobbo or anything are you?
  5. The clutch in the Zed's aint too bad.
    Might just need new plates. Could have been to long between services or just bad engine oil in it at one stage.
  6. I was under the impression that a slipper clutch reduced rear wheel tramp when banging down gears.

    Since they're omni-directional, accelerating you get maximum grip and upon decelerating they 'slip' to prevent the rear wheel slowing faster than the bike - thus causing it to bounce/slide.
  7. Have you tried adjusting the clutch cable? If not, that's where I'd start.