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New clutch plates for April!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ArbitraryEmu, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Well, after my successful clutch bleeding job yesterday, I've ridden the old girl to work and found that the clutch isn't taking up until the lever is almost all the way out!
    This means my friction plates are badly worn?? right?? It's not slipping..... yet!

    Never done a clutch on a bike before..... any tips or advice would be appreciated. I'm currently bending over in preparation for the price from Aprilia, hopefully there's an aftermarket option!
  2. I had the same thing on my Honda when I first got it. It was just the clutch cable that needed adjusting and now it is fine. I'm not sure how to adjust a hydraulic clutch but unless the bike has done a lot of K's then I doubt the clutch is worn out.
  3. Are you 100% sure it's not just the lever that needs adjustment? (if adjustable). Is there a knurled knob or wheel near the lever pivot point?

    How to change your clutch.
  4. There is adjustment on the lever, but it only changes the distance between the handlebar and the lever. The clutch is hydraulic so there's no adjustment that I know of.
    The bite point of the clutch is right at the end of the lever travel
  5. When you bled the clutch are you 100% sure there is no air in the system? That could possibly affect clutch operation if there is air in there even if just a small amount.
  6. Yeah, 100% no air, I ran almost half a bottle of fluid making sure! haha!
    Ive read on an Aprilia forum that if this bike has a Barnett race clutch this is pretty common because the stack height isn't the same as factory. Apparently Barnett clutches are pretty common because they're much cheaper than the factory one...... which is highly likely as Aprilia want $96 per friction plate!
  7. Holy crap that is expensive.

    I know brakes are a little different but I bled them 5 times in a row and afterwards there was still air in the system. I had to push the pistons all the way in and bled them one more time to get them working. It's worth making sure considering the cost of a new clutch!
  8. Yep! Bloody Europeans! Haha!
    I ordered some aftermarket plates for $120 for the set, just in case. I'll inspect them on Saturday when I do the service just to make sure! I don't want it to give out on the gateway!
  9. Wait til it starts actually slipping before worrying IMO, unless you're planning to do a lap of australia for your next trip. Could last another 20,000ks