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New clutch, new sprocket, wheelies are back, cops notice.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. I finally finished the job of fitting new clutch plates and springs, and putting new seals in the transmission cover of the Minja - big thanks to Sobil for his help there - and took it out for a quick test ride.

    WOOOO-HOOO! Where it slipped and grabbed intermittently with the old clutch, it grabs like a bastard with the new plates and the Barnett springs. The wheeliez is back!

    ...Aaaaaand I just got busted for one. :( $138, no demerits, could be worse eh?

  2. :rofl: :rofl: :bannanabutt: :rofl: :rofl: :bolt:
  3. Hahaha new (fixed) toy and you had to play with it :LOL: First time out and you get busted, bugger.... Have fun on the wheelie machine Loz.
  4. Hahahhaha...

    That's pretty funny. :LOL: :grin:
  5. Whats the official walloper crime for a wheelie?

    Do you apply to the 'hoon' laws?
  6. It coulda been a hoon offense, the coppers were nice and just did me for "fail to maintain control of motor vehicle" which was fair enough, 'cause I couldn't get it to balance point. :grin:

    $138, no points.
  7. Did anybody hear about what happened to the vtr riding bloke who tried an exhibition of power in front of me. bobbbb. you cant laf

  8. I reckon that's a pissa because anyone who does a decent wheelie is in absolute control - however if you doubted your wheelie and though it was shite then maybe there is justice in the fine!

  9. Hey not fare .. cold tyres and in a hurry to get to the pub !

    Besides I donated that fairing to HQ :p

    Most expensive six pack eva bought :LOL: :LOL:
  10. You have a 6-pack bob? Wow, and here's me thinking it was a slab.... :grin:
  11. You are very lucky as this IS one of the things they can take your bike off you under the hooning law ,they must have felt sorry for you when they saw the colour of your bike...
  12. lol...congrats on getting it all sorted Loz...bummer about the ticket thou :)
  13. haha

    Yea Loz i just put a new pressure plate, springs and friction plates in my hornet 600 and woohooo im loving those 2nd gear slips at 80+ klicks.
    Mmmm new clutch.
  14. Welcome back Minja!

    Hey Loz, how does the bike ride with the new clutch??? Smoother? More responsive? Has it brought a hornet900 smile to the dial???
  15. Hmmm, I put new plates in the GTR just before my wheelie incident, maybe that was the cause?
    Maybe I need new springs too! :LOL:
    Maybe I am just kidding myself, you can't wheelie a motorhome!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Y'know, this actually has been successfully used as a defence in court.

    A guy was picked up after popping a wheelie that lasted for over a kilometer. The cops hit him with the "failure to maintain control of the vehicle" charge, and the guy took it to court and the magistrate did agree with him that anyone who could maintain a wheelie for a full kilometer was quite demonstrably well in control of the vehicle, and the charge was dropped.

    Apparently though, the magistrate did inform the police officer at the time that had he charged the guy with reckless driving, he would've allowed the charge to stick.

    So there you go. Miracles can happen, but be wary of officers who might decide to charge you with reckless driving, just to be sure that you get nailed.
  17. look out world - he's back :twisted: well done to both you and sobil for getting the bike sorted :applause:
  18. classic..... why you decided to live on a street with a cop shop still amazes me :shock: :LOL: thats gold loz :LOL:
  19. Cheesuz Loz!!... :)

    Like you - I'd be happy with the fine and no loss of points...well done there! :grin:
  20. The new clutch feels great Rob, just like a clutch oughtta. Smooth, grippy, controllable, the whole banana. One less thing to have in the back of your mind on the road.

    Does it bring a Hornet grin? Well with the addition of the new clutch I'm sure it does almost *everything* better than the H9 does on paper. And yet I still reckon the Honda is a better bike... At least for me. I'll pester you for a ride on your later model 9R sometime, maybe this'un's just too old and heavy.