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New clutch in old XR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by daewoo, May 16, 2007.

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  2. No

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  3. Might as well give it a go, but expect to pay a 100% DIY loading when you trailer it to the bike sho

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  1. I have ordered new clutch plates for my '84 XR250.

    Never worked on a bike before, so I hope that even a fool like me can do it.

    Any advice before I start, anything else I should fix/replace at the same time??? Anything I need to check while things are apart???

    I have given up searching for the manual... tired of registering for sites to allow a search only to find they don't have what I need, so I guess I will just suck it and see...

  2. i think i have a manual some where for the 1984, RD wasnt it, red with blue seat?
  3. RD???

    Yeah, Orange with the Blue seat... Pro-Link... I think the first of the RFVC models...

    If you have a soft copy that you can somehow upload that would be a HUGE help...

  4. 84 model is an RF and should have a disc brake front end. The bolts that hold the clutch cover on will most likely need to have heli coils fitted as the cases of these old bikes are real soft. THe clutch is an easy job but if you are not confident take it to a shop to get done. I will not accept a job if it has been attempted by a home mechanic.
  5. I'll have a look for it over the weekend, if i can find it i'll scan the relavent pages and e-mail them to you.
  6. Woodsy,

    Thanks for that...

    I managed to download the General Honda Manual, which should probably keep me out of trouble... or have enough info to get me into trouble :D

    Have the clutch plates at home... now all I need is some time to work on it...

  7. Listen carefuly...BUY A MANUAL! The small outlay will save you so much money it's not funny.
    Clutches are fiairly straightforward, but you need torque specs, and there will be a particular sequence to do things in. The manual will walk you through it.

    Regards, Andrew.