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VIC New Club Permit Scheme starts Feb 2011

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fightingtiger, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Not sure if you are aware of this but it is great news for anyone with a 25yr old bike (like me)


    Has been coming for a long time and is set to make owning an older bike a much better experience (just IMHO).

    So join a club and get out there :)

    Catch ya

  2. Re: New Club Permit Scheme starts Feb11

    Is it permitted to use a vehicle on the permit scheme outside of victoria?
  3. Now if I get two more bikes I'll have year yound riding :)
  4. The answer used to be YES to all states except WA if you were on a club event.

    WA used to have an issue with recognizing club permits from interstate.

    I know SA uses the same scheme we are getting (i put in some responses as a member of the Alfa club to Vic Roads)so i dont think iot would be a prob over there.

    I would assume you would be 100% o.k. on a club event, but if you said " lets ride to Cairns", and you piss off a cop you could be in a grey area and that could be an issue.

    My advice would be check first with the States you are traveling too.

    Great Q though :)
  5. I think you can remove the IMHO bit mate, it'll be bloody brilliant for everyone with a red plate eligible bike!

  6. awesome news.
  7. sweet as. how much is a club permit for a motor bike $120 like a car?
  8. Pretty sure it is the same.
  9. Finally, finally finally

    After 9 months of stuffing around andalso some work on the Ducati - I finally have it on club rego.

    It cost around $111 so quite reasonable, at this stage it is only club days until I receive the 90 day log book.

    Just a note for anyone doing this, make sure you club secretary/president signs on the form in the right spot.

    I had the frustrating experience where I was told a number of times that I would need to get another form signed because the club secretary had signed in the wrong spot !!!!!!!

    After a bit of persistence and a call to the club permit team I was finally allowed to use that form with the signature in the wrong spot - so just a warning to hopefully save some stress.

    Catch ya

  10. I reckon this is a great idea, saves me having to pay full rego for the Kat.
    Also means I can think about adding a few more classic Jap. bikes to the shed which I'll be able to use without having to pay a fair percentage of their value to the Government each year in rego.
  11. Didn't see it mentioned in the VicRoads flyer but part of the scheme requires the log book to be filled in for each ride and carried with you at all times. My understanding is you can be pulled over and checked and if don't have the log book with you or if it doesn't show the current ride lofged you are treated as if the bike is unregistered.

    Minor inconvenience I guess but definitely means you can only use 90 days or you risk penalties if caught. And I would think those red plates will stand out and you are going to be pulled over and checked.

    For peope who don't use 90 days on their classic I believe there is a cheaper 45 day version as well.
  12. Correct, although not that different from today as my understanding is to make sure you are covered you really need to have with you the flyer or official notification of the club event you are travelling to/from.

    My understanding is that the log book needs to be carried at all times and needs to be filled in AT THE START of the days ride, same as is used in SA.

    As I said earlier in the thread I had some involvement with the response part of this change with the Alfa club.

    I have heard they are already sending out log books to currently regoed club plated vehicles so just watching the letter box for mine :)

    catch ya

  13. Can someone point me towards a club that takes Big Jap bikes and Harleys?
    I can use them both then, 83 GSX1100 and an 82 wideglide. Couple of mates will be in as well, 76?? z650 kawa (when he gets it finished) and a 71 bonnie.
  14. The Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria would probably take the GSX, they said they'd have no problem with my '85 GSX750S and already have a few members with 70-80's era Japanese bikes. They did seem to be predominantly British bikes though, so no idea if they'd accept old Harleys (especially given how many clubs/groups there are that only accept Harleys).
  15. Big Jap bikes and Harleys. Hmm Sounds like Ulysses to me :LOL: Course you have to be over 40.

    Most clubs will take any members. Although if the club is bike specific, it may have a different class of membership if you ride a different type of bike.
  16. SR500 club takes all comers.
  17. Thanks, I'll check them out. And for all the other replies too.
  18. Hi and sorry to bump up and old thread, but I have restored an older CBR250rr, and looking for an approved Bike club also one that is relevant to the CBR250rr.
    Anyone got any ideas?
    Also is net rider an approved club?
  19. G'day everyone,....


    However its use is NOT limited to club events/trips!
    In the logbook under 'reason for trip' you can simply put 'Service run' and go out and enjoy the day.

    I know this because I have my new toy (not a bike though) on club plates.

    Dr Who?
  20. Check out Classic and Custom Japanese Motorcycle Club