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new club.....anyone interested

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fireblade, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. hi all...
    I was wondering how many of u out there would be interested in starting a social bike club up out campbelltown way....where we can meet & ride together on social events...im only on my p plate so I would say for any person & any bike...
    lets see if we get any interest.....i live in campbelltown for anyone who wants to meet for a ride one day....

  2. If I lived closer I'd be in it. Good luck. Bike clubs can be fun.
  3. I live in Campbelltown too, wrong one though.
    I wouldn't be a member of a club that would have me as a member....apologies to Groucho
  4. So you will join the Serial Killing riders club.
    Cause you will never be accepted as a member.
  5. Yup you got it.
  6. Pretty sure that there is a social ride club in that are at the moment. Might be easier to go with one up and running than to start a new one, just a thought.
  7. Yeah if I could find the bloody thread where you said you were leaving from and when, and if I get get my bike back. If not I might come and make sure you leave without taking the silverware. Was it Windy point 10:30?
  8. What-in Adelaide,where 250's race 1098's ?
    I doubt it-this is a one off.
    You blokes got nothing on the city of serial killings.
  9. I am sure I was referring to Campbeltown NSW as per the first post by the starter of the thread, sorry if I missed something.
  10. there are no social bike clubs that I know of out this way....just the motorcross club.... & yeah it is campbelltown in nsw...
  11. Pm sent
  12. cheers steve....
  13. I'm interested.