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New chickie in the house

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by devochka, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls!

    Newb rider here who is still learning and saving for her bike. Really keen on getting a trail bike as my first as I love the bush and getting dirty..but still haven't decided.

    Any other trail bike riders here that register their bikes for the road? Or is it mostly road bike users?

    Still figuring out my way through this site and reading all the great threads!
  2. Welcome,

    And love the avatar. lol
  3. hmmm a chickie that loves the bush and getting dirty and doggie, your more than welcome here :D

    but i think a mod will ask u to change your avatar even though i like it lol

    where abouts in Syd are you?
  4. Mostly roadies, but plenty of bush bashers or both around.

  5. HiDee HoDee & Welcome devochka

    Back when I was on my Ls I had a reg'd trail bike and while I didn't get it dirty half as much as I would have liked (it was stolen) I did enjoy the limited dirt time I had. The biggest down side was that as a 250 single it was quite weak on the freeway but LAMS can take the sting out of that with the wider choices.

    As for your avatar, hmmmm, interesting but definitely treading a fine line so I'll leave the final decision up to a more senior moderator and recommend that you prepare a replacement one in the mean time.
  6. I love devo chicks
  7. I know a lot of people that are into the full motard thing, road reg etc etc. Not sure what their stance on taking their machines on dirt is etc etc.

    Love the pic, got any more? :D
  8. Welcome, is that avatar a self portrait?????
  9. [-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<

  10. Thanks for the welcome guys! (where are all the girls?)

    I live in Burwood and looking forward to going to some meetups. Although here are some questions:
    Any point going if I don't have my bike/license yet?
    When I do arrive with my trail bike will I be the only one with an off-roader?
    And before you all get excited, I won't be dressed as my avatar when I attend these. ;)

    I did check the rules though, and there was no mention of restrictions for avatars apart from sizing, although I want the focus to be on riding bikes, not other things, so I'll be changing it. :)
  11. Whip it good! :)

    Hi Devo. You might be the only one riding a dirt bike at a coffee meet, but lots ride dirt as well as road. As for whether you should go, all you need to have is an interest in bikes and a friendly attitude. Just rock up to a social coffee night and say, "Hi, are you netriders?"... or hang about the forums for a bit, post in a coffee thread that you're interested in coming down and you might be lucky to get an accompanied introduction. The first coffee can be daunting for some, but once you show up a few times and you don't rub anyone up the wrong way, you'll be amongst friends.

    There definitely are gals at NR, but they don't tend to be the most active posters though... I think about 15% of riders are female so you're more than welcome to the fold. :)
  12.  Top
  13. Hi Devo, welcome to the forum, dont mind all the window lickers...their all fairly harmless and most give great advice ;)\\:D/

    oh and :butt: right back at ya ;)
  14. I'm a girl, I checked this morning.
  15. Yep, another one here. Welcome to NR.
  16. Show us.
  17. Hi devochka and welcome to NR.

    Like Rob said coffee nights are a good way to meet other Netriders and start building network of buddies to go riding with. I often turn up to my regular coffee meet by car.
  18. Excellent..some girls have popped up! And I'm glad to hear that people drive up for meet ups (as apposed to ride up).

    Will need to have a sticky beak and see where the ones near me are....

    Thanks goz for the link! Homebush is so very close to me and I will definitely be attending once I'm officially a bike owner. :)
  19. Hi Devochka,

    I'm new to Netrider (think this is my first post) and relatively new to riding (got my L's in October and my P's a couple of weeks ago) and I love riding dirt.

    I've got a Yamaha XT250 and love it. I wanted a dual purpose bike but found it a bit hard to find one that wasn't too tall or too heavy. The XT250 is perfect. I ride it to work almost every day and get out in the dirt as often as I can on the weekends (or the occasional sickie :-$).

    There definitely does seem to be a shortage of us "dirt" girls out there so another (ok first one I've come across) to ride with would be great. =D>

    I'm located in Wollongong so not particularly close but not that far away either. Would be more than happy to catch up with you once you've got your wheels, even if just for a road ride initially.
  20. Hiya Devo

    welcome to the 2 wheeled world of NR :)