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New Chick Rider - About to Buy sr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LoZza, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone,
    just thought I'd post to say my first hello!
    just got my l's about a month ago through hart at talla!
    been searching for that perfect bike ever since then, never thought it would become such an obsession! :?
    anyways after sitting on so many 250's cbrs, nsrs, cbs, spadas, viragos.(well you get the idea!)
    I have finally found a bike I am not in two minds about a yamaha sr250, 2002 with about 18,075 kms.

    as i could be classed as vertically challanged being about 60kgs and 5'1.. it's been all about the height and how heavy the bike is for me.

    Now i was hoping to get some advice from some of you experts out there perhaps another girl with a sr? I am planning on traveling on the eastern freeway, so how are they at commuting?
    has any one had an unexpected :eek: susprise's/experiances with them, good :D or bad :cry: ??

  2. Welcome to the forums. Don't have any experience with the SR250 but thinking it's a single cylinder, should be capable of hitting the 100-110kph mark but I doubt it would have much if anything left in reserve so you would need to ride accordingly. Should be cheap to run though.
  3. The are cheap to run and easy to maintain. Being a single, servicing is cheap. The riding position is great for the city - easy to see what's around you. The motor is bulletproof.

    Unfortunately they are also pretty gutless and you'll find it hard to maintain freeway (~110kph) speed into any serious headwind. For commuting, this won't be a big problem but if you plan to do much open road riding, or taking it racing in the hills, the friends you're trying to keep up with might find it frustrating.

    I had one (the original ones, not the nostalgic re-release) and I did a lot of trouble-fee, inexpensive miles loaded up with camping gear. I never got there first, but I always got there.
  4. Hey actually just sold an SR250 here in Adelaide - interested to see how much they want for it.

    They are a very good bike for learning on and very cheap to run. Like you I am challenged for height.... obviously had no problems with the SR250. I actually now ride a ZZR-250... prefer this to the SR250 as it has more guts and a bigger fuel tank. (ZZR has 18lts and SR has 12 I think).

    Have you tried a ZZR?? At the end of the day though it all comes down to what you feel comfortable on. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the SR - its extremely reliable and easy to maintain.
  5. My sister has one (the original one, not the re released one).

    Good bike to learn on, very cheap on fuel. Like others have said they don't have a lot of power... struggles to hold 100kph into a head wind.

    Be good with your servicing, as they only have a small amount of oil make sure you change it when it's due.

    I would suggest using a good quality semi-synthetic oil not a mineral oil.

    Don't thrash it, service it reguarly and it'll last for years :)
  6. Nasty bike, stay away...get yourself and decent Across instead (ignore the oxymoron).
  8. LoZza, this is gonna get confusing...
  9. I wouldn't touch an SR250 with a very long barge ploe. An SRX250 on the other hand would be a much better choice.
  11. i'd personally be after a spada or GPX. both well suited to the smaller stature (shortasses :LOL: ) and both with a lot more punch than a single :D

    up to you in the end, but i think i'd find it VERY painful if my bike had trouble sitting on 100 :shock:
  12. Read the originally post. She's tried sitting on them already (or at least the Spada) :)

    You've found one that fits, go for it!
  13. Howdy, and welcome...

    I occasionally ride the eastern in (when i dont get a lift) and its not too bad till hoddle street (esp cos you can take the transit lane in :) ), but if your confident in lane splitting (not that i endorse such a thing :twisted: ) then you'll be sweet as...

    Dunno exactly where you are in melbourne (eastern way i've guessed already) but there are a few of us around the area go give us a buzz if you wanna go for a ride...

  14. i did, must've missed the spada.... humble apologies :oops:

    spada too big? :shock: now thats the first time i've ever heard someone say that!! :LOL: anyways, IF you havn't tried a GPX yet, then give that a shot, they really are tiny bikes. only thing i've seen thats smaller is the NSR150 (wouldn't touch it) and an old GS125 (would have just as much trouble on highways)

    last thing you want is to be learning and having ppls sitting on your ass tailgating cos your too slow :? most bikes can be made a little shorter too so thats another possibility if the GPX is too big....
  15. A "height disadvantaged" female friend has a Kwaka Balius (ZR250???)

    She finds it comfortable, but when I rode it my place to do a service for her (the BIKE people, service the BIKE!!) I felt severely squished.

    I reckon a Hobbit would be comfortable on that thing.

    Good things... 4 cyl, goes like stink (for a 250), basic servicing (oil and filters) is dead easy.

    Bad things... the costs of servicing a 4 cyl over a single, more involved services (plugs, tappets etc) are a pain in the arse!!

    Used to have an original SR250 many years ago, have to agree with theothers, nearly bullet proof, great to learn on, uses stuff all fuel. But would be a bit of a worry on the freeway.

    In the end, if you like it, THEN BUY IT!!!

    Oh, and welcome.

  16. Hi and welcome Lozza.

    The SR250 is somewhat underpowered, but as you said, You're quite little. You might find it's happier to carry you at 100k than an 80kg bloke. Take it for a test ride and make sure you get a 100k zone along the way to see how it goes. If you're happy with it, then that's all that matters. In a head wind you can always lie down on the tank, I used to do it in strong winds on the CB. :)
  17. :)

    Yea I'm going to get the sr250.. thanx for all your advice! it's been a big help!
    well i guess the only way to find out if it can go 100 kms from bourke rd to hoddle st is to give it a go!... so give me a wave when your riding past me at 110 and i'm stuck in 90! :)
    I'm from the eltham, so maybe int the next few weeks I'll do some rides... are their any good rides in my area ?..

    lozza :D
  18. Head North and East. Then try to keep the smile off your face
  20. the SR250 is a great little bike... the old modles with the drum at the front... were a little bit err bad with their brakes.. but the new modles are a blast.. another gool little bike is the Suzuki SU250?? little single and little bit smaller than the SR250.. also Honda CD250... they are all good trafic bikes but being a single.. the freway riding can get bit... nerve racking.. see if you can fit a little bikini fairing on it.. it will help..