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New chick from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pets, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    So Im all geared up and buying a bike soon. Im so excited. Dont have any friends that ride bikes but hoping to make some along the way :wink:

    Looking forward to sharing my stories in the future.

  2. congrats :D good to see u are lookin forward to cruisin the streets :D

    i havent been down to melbourne since like jan this year, stayed with some friends of the missus in the same area as u :D

    anyways, have fun and be safe

  3. Welcome, you had me at "new" and "from"

    What kind of bike are you thinking of getting?

    just dont park it outside in resi :tantrum: and come for some rides and you'll make plenty of friends

  4. Welcome to Netrider Pets :)
  5. Netrider definitely needs some Pets :LOL: :p

  6. Welcome to the land of NETRIDERS and crazy times.
  7. Hey welcome aboard pets and enjoy your stay. :cool:
  8. Welcome! Let us know when you have your ride, happy to join in a newbie ride.
  9. Thanks, I feel so welcome :)
    as for the bike I have no idea, well not exactly. Heading out next weekend to check some out to see what "suits".

    I've read up on the forums what most newbies buy so i have some ideas. With the weather getting better and better everyday I am eager to get the bike and practice. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  10. Hello and welcome :)

    Was just riding through your area not 20 mins ago. Went to RMIT, then took the long(er) way home..

  11. chick as pet?

    welcome! :grin:
  12. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  13. hey new chick!
    welcome to NR :)
  14. Xanga_welcome3.
    Put some pics up when you have a bike :)
  15. Welcome.

    I used to live over in Reservoir. Nice and flat to practice riding, unlike over here in Templestowe, where the hills make starts at red lights and stop signs, not to mention U-turns on a narrow road, an interesting learning curve.

    See you around on two wheels.
  16. Welcome Pets :)