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New chick from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vaxwell, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and girls.

    My name is Jess. I'm 26 and live in Melbourne's outer Eastern suburbs. I've wanted to ride since I was about 17, but never really had the guts to get out there and get my license. I passed my L's on Tuesday (took the 2-day course at HART. AWESOME!) and I'm ready and raring to go! I come from a background of riding and racing mountain bikes but kind of got the itch for a bike with a motor when I met my current BF and he started taking me on the back of his SV1000.

    So now it's my turn to get something. I'm slowly paring down the list based on reviews, price, what's available and of course, what looks sexy. I've got a budget of $2.5-$3.5k for the bike (extra for my riding gear) and I've decided to thoroughly research each and every bike on my short list before buying (which means I won't be handing over any cash for at least a month). So far these are my top 10 (with the SV650 thrown in for luck):

    Honda CBR250RR
    Honda CB400
    Honda CBF250
    Honda VTR250
    Kawasaki ZZR250
    Kawasaki GPX250
    Kawasaki ZXR250
    Kawasaki FZR250
    Suzuki Across
    Suzuki SV650SU (Wooo! When I win the lotto)
    Suzuki GS500

    Now, I've been told that bike shops will let you test ride their bikes even if you're on your L's... and that some will even lend you helmets/jackets? Is that the general go, or is that just for a few awesome shops? If so, which shops would they be so I can head out and see what kind of bikes they've got on offer. :D

    I'm going to go back to HART and do a day/afternoon practise ride in a few weeks so I don't lose the skills I learnt last week. But after I buy my bike and gear, there will be nothing stopping me. Can you tell I'm excited? lol.
  2. Welcome to NR Jess and congrats on your L's, with your bike choice, you have answered your own question, test ride them all and see what you like the best, only you will know what suites you best, as everyone is different, good luck :)
  3. Well congrats and welcome.

    I'm not sure about your question of test riding on your L's but you could shorten your list somewhat by sitting on a few and seeing what fits you to start with.
  4. Hi Jess. Congratulations on passing your L's. Do as much research as you can on all those bikes, see if you can sit on as many as you can testing out how they are, they all will feel different. One will make itself clear its the bike for you.
  5. Welcome!
    All you bikes listed are good machines, Cbr is my fav but thats a personal preference.
    Sit on them all and see what fits you best. Perfect time to buy a bike at the moment!

    And Congrads on the l's
  6. Hi Jess & Welcome!

    Consider coming along to one of the Tuesday night learner rides which meet at the BP in Elwood. There are normally a variety of learner legal bikes there including several off your list, and you can talk to their owners - some may even let you sit on them so you get a feel for the riding position of the bike. Congrats on your Ls and have fun researching bikes!
  7. Hi Jess and welcome to NR
  8. Hi Jess,
    Congrats on passing your L's ! Also, welcome to Netrider.
    With regards to bike choice, some very sound advice from the posters above.
    From previous experience/bias, I owned a GS500F and it was rock solid in every way, especially whilst on L's. It did everything I wanted it to do, and more.
    When it's time to upgrade, the GS500/F's resale value/ability is excellent.
    Some exciting times up ahead for you indeed - Happy bike hunting !
  9. Thanks a lot for the welcome, everyone. :)
    I plan to do a lot of sitting around over the next few weeks. lol.

    the_blacke I will definately try to come past one Tuesday night (are the Saturday morning learner rides still on? Saturday suits me better.) Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'm still very excited (I've had this glow since Monday when I put my leg over the Honda CBF250 for the first exercise of the HART course) but I know I shouldn't rush into any decisions. There's a lot of info here, and I'm slowly trawling through it all to work out what questions I should be asking when I go to look at bikes (and yes, finding one that fits me is my main concern). Luckily I'm 5'7" and pretty strong so there may be a few more bikes available to me. :)
  10. Welcome to NR Jess ..

    The Saturday learner practice is still on @ the BP ..

    The Tuesday night learner rides actually leave from the Platinum Diner in McCauley Rd
    Nth Melbourne @ 7.30 .. people gather there from about 6.30pm,
    Usually a lot more bikes to admire on the Tuesday nights then the Saturday mornings ..
  11. Howdy, congrats on passing your L's.
    I think most people have said this already, go to the shop sit on the bike and if you can take it for a spin do so, find whats comfortable for you. Chances are, you'll know once you get on the right bike, everything will feel right.
    Good luck and make sure to post some pics once you get it.
  12. Hey Jess - welcome to the wonderful world of internal combustion bikes!

    One further suggestion to make your test-riding life easier - buy your gear first up, that way you can take your own helmet/gloves/jacket/boots and not have to rely on borrowing gear from the dealer, which not that many will do. It also means you don't have to resist the temptation to spend your gear money on the bike you fall in love with.

    Good luck hunting. As you can see there is always plenty of help and advice available here if you need it!
  13. No-one would let my missus on a bike as a learner but she still did the rounds and sat on loads... She was determined to get a cruiser (much to my disgust :p ) and she found her match the moment she sat on it... Her gut feeling has turned out to be spot on...
  14. Darkhorse, I'm going on Friday to buy my very first jacket :D HART at Somerton has Honda jackets for $99 (70% off) if you do a course with them.


    I'm going to go down and check out if they fit nicely, and then I'm going to head off to AMX in Bayswater and properly check out some helmets.

    What's the use in buying a bike if you don't have the proper riding gear to ride it?! :D

    Bluefreak - I've been to A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood, and they've said they'll let me ride their bikes as a learner. I just have to show my permit and sign a waiver. Unfortunately, I went down on Sunday and they weren't actually open to the public,just open for some cement work out front, so I didn't really get to see any bikes. Friday though!
  15. HiDee HoDee & Welcome Jess.
    No need for me to say anything more as you've already been given a heap of great tips. I'll second Darkhorse on the gear front as having your own kit will make test rides easier to score and nothing fits and feels as good as your own.
    Best of luck on the bike search and if you think you're glowing now just wait until that magical moment when you find the bike for you.