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NEW. chick 22 wants to buy a bike.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jess83, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi I’m 22yr old female and I’ve wanted to own and ride a motorbike since I was 17. I'm only 5'4 and feel a little intimidated by the size. I’d like to meet some chicks who ride bikes and who could give me some pointer on what bikes are better for girl (if that makes any sense) I’m very new to this but it's what I really want to do so I think I’ve come to the right place.

    Hope to chat and learn lots :grin:
  2. Hi & welcome.

    What is your budget for the bike excluding the riding gear?
  3. umm about $8000..... so i cant get anything too fancy. I think i need a little bike :roll:
  4. For that sort of money, you should be able to get a great used 250 and all of your gear.

    Have you been out and sat on bikes yet? It's the only way you'll find out what's comfortable for you.

    Oh, welcome to the madness! :grin:
  5. Be a good girl and fill out the rest of your profile. ;)

    If you are in Melbourne I have a couple of Hyosung 250's for sale.
  6. Hi chcicky and welcome. for $8 grand you'll get a sweet little 250 and some great gear.

    have a look at an across, gpx and zzr, hornet 250 if you can find one, there are HEAPS of bikes out there for ya.
  7. welcome to the boards.....having recently ridden a honda spada i would highly suggest (if you are that badly vertically changed) to try one of these out.....they are ting in height and as light as pebble.....also check ou thte vtr, been told they are just a bit of a newer /reharshed spada and everyone raves about one...actually trying to talk a friend into letting me have a spin on her's (rosie).....both woudl make very good learner bikes....like others have said gpx, zzr etc...are slightly taller bike.....best thing you can do is go sit on as many as possible to see how they feel.

    Cheers stewy :wink:
  8. Hello there :p

    As I was saying before, for 8 grand... (these are average-ish costs for what learners spend on gear)
    Helmet 300
    Pants 200
    Gloves 120
    Jacket 300
    Boots 200
    Third party insurance.. what, like 200
    Bike... 5 grand will get you a reasonable zzr, 01, 02 maybe, 20k kms and still looking good.

    All up.. About 6 grand (buying all the gear at one place = good % off, esp if you get it same place as you buy bike).
  9. Jess - like others have said, you'll get a good 250 and gear for that amt. I totally suggest you look at the VTR250's because they are an excellent all round bike plus they're the hottest looking 250 you're likely to get - esp in red. ;) :) :)

    Stewy said:
    Sure thing. :) ps...I do believe I did a very little wheelie today coming out of Tooradin's service rd. :LOL:
  10. Hi Jess!

    I am not tall myself (161cms), and unfortunately, short legged :mad: – making it very annoying as I can’t touch the ground on most bikes.

    My bike at the moment – Suzuki GS500 – is quite popular as a first bike. It’s not a 250 yes, but it’s used in a lot of new rider trainings due to their new-rider-friendliness, durability and height. Plus it has enough power to pull you through highway traffic easily due to the 500cc.

    Even with my low GS500 though, it’s still not low enough for me. So I got the rear suspension links changed, and THAT lowered it significantly. After that I can go flat footed (both!) on the ground, which is an amazing feat by the way.

    Some people say you don’t really need to go flat footed, you just need to build the confidence up. However, try backing into a parking spot if you can’t touch the ground comfortably and you’ll go down pretty fast (I know you can technically get off the bike and push it, but not when the parking area is pretty crowded).

    So, I recommend looking into CBF250 (replacement for CB250), VTR 250, GPX250 or GS500.

    Incidentally, I *AM* selling my GS500 very soon :p , at a GREAT price, by the way. It’s pre-lowered for your convenience! :LOL: (advert jingle)

  11. Hi Jess, I started off with a CBF250 (see pic left :grin: ) which is a great little bike for a beginner. It is smallish and lightweight, also with no farings to damage :grin: . Brand new you can get this for around $6k. Otherwise, i hear the VTR250 is also great, bit more power than the CBF I have heard. You can also get bikes lowered a little but the main thing you want to look at being a new lady rider would be the weight of the bike.
  12. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  13. Hey welcome. Kawasaki GPX 250 is surely the best value around in new 250's.
  14. You expanding ya business interests or what? :LOL:

    I noticed you been offering a few bikes of late.

    How long you take to get a bike fully rebirthed? I may be able to
    get you some more business.
  15. [quote="MG"

    How long you take to get a bike fully rebirthed? I may be able to
    get you some more business.[/quote]


    That right there, is some funny shit!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. You must feel now bomb barded with info, like said previously sit on them and feel the weight.. most girls I know that lost confidence in bikes where the ones that beleved the salesman and jumped on a good deal, rather than making sure it suited there needs and don't forget you can aways step up... we all do... so start with something that feels right NOW... and open up to getting a faster and bigger bike as you feel comfortable with it.
    DONT throw yourself in the deep end as you may give up cos it's al too hard, I have seen soo many women make that mistake. The ones that start of small and comfortable end up stepping up pretty soon and they love it more..
    As well coments about gear... don't cheap skate.. get the good stuff.. make sure the person selling it knows what YOU want.
    Welcome the ladies on bikes challenge.
  17. Well its just dawned on me the other day that Vic always puts out
    an offer to offload a bike soon after someone here reports their ride
    has gone walk-about.

    Maybe its purely co-incidental.. but then again..

    Vic can't lie, & there hasent been any denials to date.. icon_lol.
  18. hahahhaha, nah mate, not at all.

    Thanks to Brother O, I'm working for a place that sells bikes. He saved me, himself and Tina from the twisted and demented bastard and his wife at WFO.

    All bikes are legit and I don't even need to lie to sell em :grin:
  19. Hey Jess.
    I'm the same height as you and ride a Honda Spada. The Honda spada was replaced by the VTR250. And they stopped making them in 89. You can pick up a decent one for about 3500 - 4200. The VTR's from what I can tell are also great bikes. Depending how long you've been driving a car and your rating will affect your insurance. And unfortunately it's often a little more for insurance if you're under 25 so you may need to factor that into your total cost, and do your research about which company you choose for your bike insurance. (This is based on VIctoria)
    You may also want to speak to people about whether you want to get a bike that is an in-line four or a twin. I personally went the twin as I'd heard they were a little more forgiving for a learner. (ie, if you're in too low a gear, they wont stall, just chug a bit). That said, they don't have as much top end power as the inline fours, but still keep up for all of the legal street limits. Anyway if you're in Melb and you want some help, let me know.

    Cheers, Brij
  20. I would recommend the VTR250 as well - something light with no fairing to damage is great to start on.

    Most important thing though is really not to let anyone tell you what to buy - buy what feels manageable to you - that means light enough that you can keep it up, keep both feet flat on the ground, and maybe even lift it up if you have to.

    If it looks hot and sounds good thats a bonus.