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New Chic Rider in Melbourne - She's Back on Two Wheels!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SAMZY, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Pq1BoVKr.

    Hey hey!

    Just got out on the road solo after being a pillion for 3 years. Heaps of my friends ride and I caught the bug! Loving it.

    Riding "Fang" my lil' black Kinlon 200cc for now... thought it'd be better if I was ever to drop him than a brand new Ninja 250 which I was looking to buy. He's already "too small" for me but being vertically challenged, I can't be all that choosy for now.

    Will be getting out to the Tuesday night Learner rides, but also looking for new riders out in the South Eastern suburbs, especially any L-girls.
    All my friends are on the other side of town... so send me a message if you wanna take a spin round my way. Happy to catch up 4 a coffee or a ride down the Peninsula.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, and to the 2 wheeled riding world Samzy
  3. Welcome, young un.
  4. Welcome to Netrider Samzy :)

    Im up the road in Pakenham and go for a ride most Sundays.

    If your keen for a ride or a coffee would be nice to meet some more riders and I may just see you on the learners ride.
  5. Hey Samzy, welcome to NR :grin:

    Yaaay, another gal on a bike!!! :p

    See you and Fang on a Tues ride sometime soon :grin:
  6. Is this your bike?

  7. I'm booked in for my learners in two weeks & live 2 minutes (if that) from Berwick Springs. When the confidence is up I'll be happy to get out and about.

  8. Welcome Samzy
  9. welcome

    welcome to NR :grin:
  10. Yeh "Nightgash" - thats the one.

    Kinlon Solo 2007 model. My "brother" had it brought in becasue he liked the fact that he could sit more upright. His Ninja didnt help a neck injury he was carrying.

    Sounds like a mower but great for a beginner like me, and low enough for me to put both feet on the ground
  11. Thanks for all your welcomes people.

    Just an update:
    I went on a great ride out to Sunbury this morning (to the hairdressers... Im such a diva), missed the great thunderstorm and had wet roads but no rain on the home straight.
    However, on the way back to Berwick FOOLISHLY diverted off the Eastern Fwy through Balwyn.

    In true newbie style, had a fight with tram tracks, dropped Fang, and ended up going to Box Hill hospital in an ambulance!! DORK :oops:
    Luckily only a sprained ankle but now have to put off the Tuesday night ride AGAIN for a week or two.
    Fang is being looked after by a kind resident of Doncaster Rd til I can go back for him with the trailer on Monday. Hopefully not too much damage.

    Keep in touch and I'll give you a hoy when we're up & running again
  12. Welcome to NR Samzy.

    Glad to hear you are OK, and I hope Fang is too.
  13. Bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're OK
  14. I love it when a chick joins the welcome lounge, all the responses crack me up :LOL:

    Hope you feel better Samzy :) Keep the rubber side down!
  15. +1 Dougz!

    " Hi I am desperately single, welcome to netrider! " LOL LOL LOL

    BTW Welcome and I am happy married chappy, so no fear! lmao
  16. Hi Samzy, welcome to NR.

    Sorry to hear about the off. Glad you aren't too badly hurt and hope the bike is OK. Tram tracks and rain can be a nasty combination.
  17. :shock:
    Your "had my first off' post was out of the way faster than the Gaming Room doors opening on pension day.
    Glad to hear you are OK.
  18. Oh that sucks about the accident. Those darn wet tram tracks have claimed many. Good on you for having the confidence for the big ride to Sunbury and back. Good thing you were on the Fang, probably one of the best bikes to come off on. If it was full fairing it would have been a lot different.
  19. welcome to the brother/sister hood, plenty of people drop their bikes, heaps of stories to read, enjoy
  20. Hey Samzy!

    Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you and Fang are doing well. I love that you named your bike, my bike is 'Maxwell' dunno if naming is a female thing or not :cool: Im hoping to go to a Tuesday night soon, just need a little more confidence (I got stuck on a speed bump today :oops: ) lol, hope to see you there!