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New Chain wont go over front sprocket - CB400

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Gooza, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hi All, Replaced my tyres the other week, and noticed the chain was rusting, even though its hardly ridden in the wet.

    Has 30K on it, but never ridden hard, so I didnt order sprockets. Was still in the Green band for adjustment too.

    So I ordered a new 525HX Chain, Cut it to length, but it will not for love nor money go around the front sprocket without buckling, like its pitch is too short.

    I did not replace the sprockets, as both Front and Rear 'look' perfect.

    The chain goes nicely around the rear with no issue.

    The Front sprocket is marked as 525 15, so my only question is, does the H in the 525HX have some bearing on the chain type.

    The sprocket also seems to have a rubber coating both sides like a dampener for the chain.

    Else I suppose I get a new front sprocket, and see if that solves it. Of course, now I'll have more issues getting the sprocket off without the chain attached.

    So no bike right now. :poop:

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  2. you are putting chain around front sprocket second?

    if you are not removing rear axle, or can't get enough slack, then you'll likely need to unbolt the front sprocket.
    easier to thread around front sprocket and remove rear axle to get rear sprocket far enough forwards.

    chain has little lateral bending movement.. need to put sprockets inside the chain, rather than trying to bend the chain over the side of the sprocks

    err. to get sprocket off, put the bike in gear (higher gear the better)
  3. The chain is not joined at the moment. It has a clip type master link. So its 1 long snake right now.
  4. ah so chain is not seating into the front sprocket? the rubber is for dampening (stock sprocket)..
    may need a little force to squish new chain over the rubber?

    HX is likely a "heavy duty" X-ring chain..
    I'd be sticking verniers on old and new chain, to se the width between the inner links. just in case
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  5. similar to the picture in first post here?
    Chain not fitting front sprocket? xr650l | Adventure Rider

    you can see the links trying to compress the rubber, which is making the effective diameter of the sprocket larger....

    if the old/new chain pitch is same, fit it and then adjust real wheel backwards.. the rubber of front sprocket will compress.. is probably just that the link plates are a bit wider,and compress the rubber a little more

    Wemoto - Chain Dimensions
    520/525/530 pitch is same.. width is different
  6. The link plates are wider, and may indeed be being forced 'outwards' by the rubber. I cant really see it happening, but then I can only see the front side of the rubber too.
  7. some specific chain specs here http://www.yaban.com/upload/en/85/14_file_1.pdf
    basically the thickness of the plates on a H chain is 2.4mm, vs 2.0mm for standard..

    if the rubber is wider than the original chain, there may be rubber than was not normally compressed by the chain plates.
    or, the chain plates are fatter in the new chain, and sit deeper in the rubber, ie the dogbone shape from the side is larger.. (ie H2 in the link)

    edit: looking an that link.. o-ring H2 = 13/14.8, and extra heavy duty is 15.1/15.1
    X-ring is 15.1/15.1

    either way, it's gonna fit :)
  8. Well, its on now, bit of brute force and ignorance. You can hear it 'chattering' as it runs around the front sprocket rubber (moving rear wheel by hand).

    Now I just gotta get the circlip on, and then i might run it on the stand for 5 mins to see if it 'beds in' somewhat.

    Else, Ill have to try to get rid of the rubbers, or get another sprocket.
  9. rubber will squish in :)

    might mean the first chain slack adjustment is a bit off (looks tight, actually loose)

    install, ride a bit, readjust slack,, go from there... she'll be roight
    of you're super keen, you could "adjust" the size of the rubber bits.. but they do reduce noise...
  10. Cant you just cut the rubber off ? Looks like something the factory fitted for noise reduction.
  11. got any boob pics dude?
  12. comon, shows those puppies in your shed again
  13. You talk in tongues Aunty Jack.
  14. yeah
    anyways welcome back mate
    hope you can stay longer this time
  15. Or get the sledgy out
  16. SST1 !
  17. Steady State Superconducting Tokamak.
    That'll work! Lol
  18. Well, Its back together. And the rubbers more plastic than rubber, so I'm still a little unsure.

    Will take it for a ride around the block a few times to be sure, that way it's not too far to push it home.

    Edit: Oh, and getting the little farker links out of the new chain, what a task, even after grinding the heads off, took much brute force to get the bastid pins out.
  19. Special Service Tool 1 :p

    Tokamaks are rubbish for whacking things
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