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new Chain Thread number one!!! =]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. :grin:
    well everyone else gets new bikes and i can't so i'm wasting time here.


    after hearing a strange rattle all night on the mystery ride (400km's for me commuting there and back + ride) my chain decided to spit out 5km from my current house. The RACV refused to tow me but i'll leave that to another thread when i get really really angry and abuse the s*^t out the useless...............

    anyway, story short i put a new chain on saturday arvo and took photos of the bits and damage.

    Old Chain;


    Demolished sprocket cover;


    New Chain with assistance from digger...


    Chain fitted without Sprocket cover; note the idle adjust cable tied to the frame, little worried about that one...

    Joiner Link which i'm a bit jubeus about...

    And my jeans after no sprocket cover...

    ok joking about that last one those old jeans were just sitting in the garage...

    So far haven't had to much stretch but the chain has only had 200km-ish on it... Hope you enjoyed this new series of new chain threads...
  2. lol funny stuff.
    there is a nice set of sprockets and brand new x-ring did chain on a smashed up gpx somewhere. mine made funny noises too but it ate not only an old pere of jeans but a litre of shellite :shock:

    just kidding but i did make it home in time to change it :wink:
  3. I love seeing that D.I.D. logo on a chain box; I reckon they are the ant's pants of chains.

    pity about the damage to the countershaft cover; can you get one second-hand??
  4. Not fun having the chain break like that!

    I'd get new sprockets too mate. Going by the photos, especially your front sprocket. looks well worn..
  5. Sweet dog!
  6. Hornet; yeah going to call the wreckers tomorrow... Just hope i can get the right colour for resale looks etc...

    Awebley; cheers mate, i can never tell what's aged and what's not when it comes to things with teeth. Going to get my mate to check it out tomorrow. I'm still a little sus on the joiner link, the C-clip didn't clip on as solidly as i imagined...

    Loz; yeah he's awesome, 9.5 years old and still acts like a 3 month old puppy. Still swims in the dam regardless of temperature and still eats rabbits when he can catch them...
  7. Glad to see you got a good chain - I'm about to get the same brand; got a cheapo one of eBay about 4000kms ago, the bike now feels like sh*t. Tightened it yesterday morning. Was riding up that steep long incline to Marysville that afternoon and it slipped on the rear sprocket! All teh way home I was worried I might cop what's just happened to you...

    Plus one re the sprockets - I wouldn't ride the bike till you've fitted new ones, or you'll ruin your expensive new chain!
  8. heres a link for you. Scroll down to chain and sprocket wear. Although its for pushbikes, the principles are exactly the same.


    Its good as he compares new sprockets to worn ones
  9. Apply silicone to that joining link. That will stop the clip from coming off.
  10. On my old bike my chain almost snapped too. It was making heaps of noise. I could hear my chain over my straight through exhaust in the tunnel :shock:
  11. I'm getting a new chain & sprockets on my cb250 next week - seems the chain is so stretched it can no longer be tightened!

    Just wondering how many k's I can expect from a chain on a 250 - ballpark figure?
  12. if you look after it properly, 40,000km is a guestimate.
  13. I love my D.I.D. 200 wheelies and it's still going strong.

    Browny do you still have the tail of the chain that you cut off still floating around? And if so could you send it to me please?