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New chain lube?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bigjula, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. I don't know if this should have been in the new riders section or here but... Do I need to lube a new chain and if not how long will the factory lube will last?
    It's a DID chain and felt greased up already. I've got Motul road lube that I used on the old chain but it was real sticky and gunked up pretty quick.
    Any suggestions?

  2. cant use too much lube. ;)
  3. Gday Jules

    You have the right gear in Motul road - I use it on my Gixxer and it's good gear.

    I always lube my chain every 4-500km but I clean the crud off with a rag soaked in kerosine. I don't use degreaser as it acts against the lube you're puting on. Kero's got lubricating properties but will help get rid of the built up crap. You may need to clean it a few times before all the shit comes off but you will notice how smooth the wheel rotates once it is free of all that crapola.

    A couple of rotations of the chain with the lube after you've dried the chain and you'll be right. Don't drown the chain in lube - enough spray to reasonably coat it is enough.
  4. And DON'T do it with the motor going.
  5. I'm extremely fastidious when it comes to maintainance, the chain can never be too clean or covered in good lube. Of course over lubing it will cause it to fly off and dirty your bike up, but thats able to be cleaned off.

    Every 1000-3000 i clean my chain right up, along with the sprockets and everywhere that the chain goes near to reduce wear and tear from dirt particles.

    How it should look ;) reduces wear, saves you money.
  6. i lube it about everytime i fuel up...that reminds me i have to do it...
  7. Yes, you're using it wrong. It's a great lube.

    Don't over use any lube and it'll work with you.
  8. :shock: what are you using, olive oil?
  9. if its all gunked up and horrible, go take it for a short ride till the chain is all warm, then clean it all up with a bit of kerosene, and apply a small amount in the right places. :)
  10. I did a double take on that too man, I'd be lubing my chain every 200km!

    500km quick spray-on, 1000km complete clean and re-lube. New oil every 3000-5000.
  11. For Gods (and your bikes sake) get a Scott Oiler man. It can go with you to the next bike.

    Had one for over 200,000K and paid itself off in improved chain life (let alone giving you a life not washing/lubing chains) within one chain.
  12. This whole chain lubing thing is very confusing for the newbie, some say you cant use too much lube and you cant over lube, others say dont over lube....

    Ive decided to split the difference ...gone with a middle of the range application.
    I cleaned my chain with kero and re lubed it when i first got my bike and i re lube my chain after 400kms , i thought id wait until ive done 1000 clicks and then re clean it with the kero

    Does this sound sufficient?
  13. I think the idea is, in an ideal world you would stop every 1km and lube it just the tiniest little bit... so the lube is constant, not too much, and the chain will love you.
    Of course, that would work for the first 2km then you would find something else to do.

    Me i bought a scottoiler last week, but what with this postal dude strike...
    I use one of the spray waxes.. cant recall it off the top :p how bad is that.
    I clean every 1k kms, and give it a quick squirt while hot every 150 - 200km, basically after ever second commute to work...
    Ive been maybe a little too keen, but in my defence it has rained on and off here for the last couple weeks too.
  14. (sigh) I miss the days when I used to poke fun at chain lubing.

    Even had to adjust a chain tonight.
  15. Did anyone actually read the OP?

    To answer your question bigjula - the wax on the new chain will be fine for a while, like any other layer of lube. Just wipe the excess off the side-plates.

    Beyond that, just follow a routine something like one of the ones above - light lube every few hundred k's, full clean every couple of lubes.

    The Moul stuff is fine - unfortunately anything that sticks to your chain (good thing) will also get crud sticking to it (not such a good thing). As long as it gets cleaned reasonably regularly it's not a drama.

    Oh, and as Mr Messy alluded to - clean more often if you ride in the rain.
  16. Motul Factory Line was recommended by the dealer workshop, so it must be good enough for most people.

  17. And a dealer that gets great wholsale Shell or BelRay discounts would recommend what? :)

    Any name brand lube will do. Just find the sweet spot between under and over lubing and clean with blue kero every few 1000 km.
  18. +1. been using it for a few years after some other sloppy shit that got everywhere. guy at bikemart recommended it.

  19. How does a Scott oiler stop you from needing to wash your chain? Does it come with a cleaning lady as well?

    Isn't crap still gunna get on there?