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New chain and sprockets

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by duff_boy, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Ok, well basically, as im new to bikes i'm a little unsure when it comes to chains and sprockets. My chain on my bandit is worn and needs replacing, sprockets are still pretty good, but i figure ill change them anyway, as ive heard its best to do it all in one hit.

    What i want to know is, what sort of chain/sprockets i should be looking for? Should i just go straight to the suzuki dealer and get standard oem items, or would after market be better/cheap?? Also, what's the approximate cost, so i know if im gettign ripped off or not? Ill be fitting myself, so labour isn't an issue, just the cost of the parts.

  2. DiD & RK are both good quality chains. Make sure you get an O-Ring type chain, I think most are these days ? :?
    I used Metalgear sprokets .. no complaints there
    Other will have different opinions .. hang around and you'll get the rundown from the more 'experienced' :wink:
  3. If the sprockets are good why change them? Save your $$$ if they still have plenty of meat left. Mine were foobarrred when I bought my bike....

    000_3775. [/img]
  4. Bad advice. Worn sprockets accelerate chain wear. Change them all at once.
  5. re: Genuine Chain :
    Most bikes that are over 5 Years old regardless of its size that has a O.E.M supplied O-Ring Chain (made by D.I.D or RK)
    supplied to the Motorcycle Companies to be sold as Genuine HONDA, SUZUKI or KAWASAKI Parts.
  6. Okay, went to bike shop and got a quote. He quoted me $200 bucks for an RK chain and JT sprocket set. Sounds reasonable i suppose?

    Only thing is, my bike(Aust delievered GSF250v) allegedly runs a 13tooth front and a 47tooth rear. However, there is no rear sprocket avail available in this size(only available in 49, 45, 41 etc) 49 tooth rear is what the earlier import version runs(i guess due to the slightly higher rpm engine).

    He suggested, that to keep close to the standard gearing(which i'm pretty happy with) he would give me a 14 tooth front and a 49 tooth rear. Which from my calculations would change the final drive from 3.61 to 3.50. This effectively would make the gearing slightly longer?

    Now Is this a alright way of doing it?(my experience with chains sprockets is virtually zero) And with a total of 3 extra teeth, would there be any need for a longer chain or anything like that??

    help is much appreciated :)