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New chain and sprockets

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by markcpotter, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    having one of those times when the bills keep rolling in and after just having paid out for new front and rear tyres the workshop has informed me I should be looking at new chain and sprockets pronto.

    Can anybody recommend the cheapest place to get these from?

    I have a worshop that will put the parts on for two hours labour but I am not sure exactly what to buy.

    Had a look on ebay and they seem a lot cheaper for the sets than the $320 I am being quoted here for the parts but a lot of them talk about being a conversion kit and being a bit of a muppet in terms of bike mechanics I am not sure what these are.

    There is one for sale at $107 (plus shipping tba) which reads

    "This is 520 conversion kit with an aluminum rear sprocket and steel front sprocket. It comes with a titax chain.

    The front sprocket has 16 teeth and the rear has 43 teeth".

    Obviously it seems it is changing the original setup but can somebody advise if this is ok and what the change will be - these doesn't seem to be any original set up sets for sale on there.

    It is a yana shiki chain and sprocket set.

    Anybody know if these are ok?

    I commute on my bike so probably do around 18k a year so want something that will last but don't really know what options I should be considering.

    Any help much appreciated!

  2. On the question of conversion kits .......

    If you mainly commute then I wouldn't go to a smaller/lighter chain type, as it will not be as long wearing as the oem size.

    That said you get what you pay for.. unknown yumcha brands = cheaper, but limited life..

    Afam, Renthal, JT, DID, TK, Regina, EK etc..just to name a few of the established brands...
  3. Thanks,

    did a bit more trawling on e-bay and I managed to find (through e-bay UK) a DID heavy duty chain set with steel front and rear sprockets at standard size for $126 (just waiting for the shipping price) but it should come in not much over half price of what it would cost me to buy locally!