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New chain and sprocket

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blaringmike, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just bought a CBR250RR and there are a couple of minor things i need to replace. The chain is lose as a mofro and the sprocket it looking pretty tired (See pics). I dont have the time to do it myself atm so I was going to book it into a dealer to have it done. If anyone can tell from the pics is this ok to ride on for a week or so untill i get it done? Some of the teeth are looking pretty thin. What would happen if one was to snap?



    Just so you know the I can feel the chain pulling tight if i'm at low speed than open the throttle, seeing i will only be riding on the weekends just practicing, do you think that is safe for a couple of days riding time?
  2. Not safe at all. That sprocket is long gone :shock:
  3. Wow! thats really worn. Looks almost as if its been flipped over and used again..hard to tell from the pic though.
    Its horrible having a chain come off a sprocket. you should replace it asap unless your tootling round a carpark :?
  4. what u mean you dont have time?? 2hrs max!!
  5. when that chain comes off the sprocket and locks the back wheel, you will have the answer to your question. I'm surprised that the chain isn't as worn and slapping about on the swingarm because it's so loose, or maybe a link has already been removed from it.

    Clearly the former owner didn't give a crap about maintaining that bike, I would have seriously thought about not even buying a bike that someone presented to me like that.
  6. changing your chain and sprockets will take an hour max, you will need an angle grinder to get the new chain length right but. snap link chains make things pretty easy, and they are fine to use on a 250.
    i'd be keeping that sproket as a momento, i'm surprised its lasted that long!

  7. Thanks for the replies. I definatly wont be riding it then till I can get it fixed. Apart from that there was nothing wrong with the bike. Plus I got 900 off the price so I could get the chain, sprocket and front pads replaced.