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New CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by llamaboy, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Finally back on 2 wheels (well, motorised 2 wheels, anyway) after over a month. Picked her up from Peters Steven's Melbourne yesterday arvo.

    All I can say after coming off a LAMs bike is wow, so much power! Won't have much trouble going through the run in period on this. Actually, I don't see my self riding much differently afterwards either as there is plenty of plenty of power even at the lower end of the rev range which I am currently sticking to.

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  2. Sex.... on two wheels
  3. wow i want one :)
  4. very nice!
  5. why did you take a photo of the internet cluster at 3:28am? :p
  6. lol, it was actually about 3PM in the arvo, see the daylight behind? I hadn't set the time yet as they forgot to give me the owner's manual.

    Internet cluster?
  7. ah indeedy :p


    hahahaha watching the GP at the same time as posting. i'm not a good multitasker :p
  8. Beautiful bike mate...I used to have a good long stare at it everytime I passed Peter Stevens lol
  9. Very sexy bike, a nice acquisition !
    I love the orange on black paint scheme :D
  10. Very nice bike. I also love that paint scheme on the bike.

  11. That is a farking cool bike!
  12. Sweet ride mate. Do you mind me asking what your LAMS bike was?

    I am riding a CB400 atm. Had it for 2-3 months and at first the power was like WOW but now Im pretty used to it. Initially wanted a 600 for my next bike but have been thinking GSXR750 in the last week for the extra torque.

    Not sure if Im getting a little carried away, appreciate opinions :)
  13. Oooooh baby.
  14. nice scheme!
  15. farkin hot looker

    good onya (y)
  16. happy days ahead. ahem...:)
  17. all the fun is in the top end. you'll see...
  18. That's nice!!!
  19. I had a CBR125R which only has about 13HP. Your CB400 will obviously have less of a step up but for my 75kg frame this bike feels awesome and I can't imagine really needing more power unless you want to do track days (which I probably won't).
  20. Very nice buy !
    Congrats and enjoy your new beast :)