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New CBR600f coming to Australia?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bugjuice88, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Seen this bike and wondering if anyone knows if its coming to australia or not?


    From the amount of 90's models still getting around today I would have thought it would be a popular bike. But then maybe the market has changed.
  2. Doubt it, if it was to come out it would have come out last year when it was released. Talking to the Honda dealers it seems they would need to price it around 14-15k mark which is the issue.
  3. Not necessarily. For example CB1000F and Hornet on which this CBR is based were both available in Europe for a year or more before they finally decided to bring them here...
    But I agree, if they are going to price them at 15k they might as well not bother.
  4. Nice looking bike, looks like a softer 600RR, overall I like it, what is the main differences to that and the rr?
  5. I think the new CBR600f is essentially a full-fairing Hornet 600 with clip-ons. The UK version has C-ABS (combined braking system with ABS).
  6. Didn't realise such a bike existed. It's a shame its not out here yet, I need a replacement for my VFR800 as it keeps breaking down on me and I don't trust its reliability anymore. However I can't wait a year to see if Honda will be bringing out the cbr600f, which is a shame as it ticks all the boxes for a replacement to the VFR800.
  7. I reckon it would have a place in the Australian market, dunno why its not here. Its power and torque specs are very similar to the street triple on paper, but i would say its a lot higher geared, youtube clips are pushing over 250kmh.
  8. I don't see why it would have to cost much more the latter-day Hornet 600, but that bike was a slow seller here, so maybe they're a bit cagey about bringing this one in.

    Maybe they think it would take sales off the Crossrunner.

    The reviews and a few forum testimonials seem positive.

    I'd have thought that one based on the 900 Hornet as well would interest a good few riders, but that too would be pretty similar to the CBF1000 (and we didn't get the improved and better looking newer version of that either).
  9. I still see tonnes of people commuting/couriering on true sport bikes every day so I think something which is new and predominantly sporty yet doesn't have the ass-up, head-down riding position and the incredibly revvy 'gutless' modern 600cc engine will sell well (hopefully they play around with the timing and breathing of it like they did with the Hornet). It certainly looks fantastic and I'll be looking at this closely for when I get off restrictions...

    EDIT: Just called Sydney City motorcycles and spoke to Nick, it won't be coming to Aus which is a big :( Apparently it would cost close to 20 thousand due to the smaller market here so it wouldn't be competitive.
  10. Second that. Was wandering around in their Lane Cove shop, waiting for pink slip. Asked about CBR600F - nope, they won't bring it here. It's a shame, I used to ride 600F4i - a really nice bike! New CBR600F would be a good upgrade. CBR600RR for commute... [-(
  11. It's probably a good thing that Honda isn't bring it in, with all the problems I've had with my VFR, I say screw you Honda, never again! It is a shame as the cbr600f really did tick all the boxes for my requirements.
  12. What problems have you had with your VFR800?
  13. I actually contacted Honda a few months back to inquire about them bringing the CBR600F to Australia and they basically told me they where not interested at the time, but gave a hint they may be in the future.
    I'm sure it'll do good on sales being a versatile middle weight (if it was reasonably priced of course, I'd say just above the $10,000 mark).
    This was their reply:
    "We wish to advise that the Honda model you have requested information on is not available within Australia.

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain all of the models produced by our factories worldwide.

    There are a number of factors involved in determining our model line-up, such as production costs, product availability, exchange rates and modification requirements for our market etc. We also review feedback from our future and existing customer base and also market trends obtained from our dealer network."
  14. i like how they dont list the weight. i bet its bloody heavy
  15. It weights 206kg, which is not very light for a 600 but not that heavy either.